Invitations have been sent to all Missouri Senators and Representatives and now we encourage you to call your own Representatives and Senators and make an appointment to visit with them on the 14th. It's also a great time to issue a personal invitation to them to have lunch with you and your chapter members. We will try to expedite them through the line, although we know that is difficult sometimes.

Once you arrive at the Capitol, please check in at our registration desk located in the southwest alcove of the 3rd floor Rotunda. There you will pick up your red, white and blue name tag and issues of the April MPA Newsletter to distribute to your representatives and senators. (The name tags make quite an impression every year walking through the halls of the Capitol and we hope to see many more this year.) There will also be a sheet of bullet points for you to become comfortable with so you can talk about General Aviation and the economic impact it has on our state. The bullet points will also be on the website prior to April 7th for you to peruse.

Those of you who have done this before know that it can be a mad house. We ask you not to linger for long periods of time at the tables as we don't have a lot of table space. After all, we are the hosts. While this location leaves something to be desired, it is still the best spot for this event. We have had more interaction with our legislators at this venue than any other spot we have tried.

Why do we do this? Because it works! Do you need to visit with your legislators? Yes, we all do! They need to be made aware that the steps Congress appears to be taking will have a very positive effect on General Aviation and we can't wait!

Be sure to check our website for any last minute updates.


There will vehicles at the Jefferson City Airport to transport pilots and guests to and from the Capitol on April 14, 2015 for State Aviation Day activities. If you are planning to fly in please notify Grant Shorthose with Jefferson City Flying Service at 573-636-5118 of your approximate time of arrival.

If you are driving in, finding a place to park on the street near the Capitol is problematic. However, there is a large parking garage diagonally across from the Mansion on the corner of Madison and East Capitol. It is about a 2 block walk from the Capitol.

Capitol Floor Plan (PDF file)

State Representatives Roster (PDF file)

State Senators Roster (PDF file)

Click Here to see your legislators.


MAY 30, 2015 at the Isle of Capri in Boonville.

Friday May 29th. Clydesdale Farm tour. Times and individual pricing will be coming
(as soon as they open to let us know).

Saturday May 30th. Opening with the Color Guard at 9:00 am with a full day of presentations to include a safety seminar, dinner, and awards. After dinner speaker will be Kenneth Wells. Ken is a MPA member and worked as a Department of Defense contractor. Ken recently returned from Afghanistan where he operated a multifunctional tethered surveillance balloon called an Aerostat from a remote location.

Sunday May31st. The local boy scouts will host a breakfast at Boonville Airport. 7 am until 11 am.

Click Here for Convention Reservation Form (PDF file)

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Floyd Deidiker announced the new SAFE Program for the MPA.
It meets the objectives of the FAA Wings Program...
but is taylored for MPA members.
Full details are available in the SAFE Handbook.

Click Here for a PDF of the handbook.

Gary Fox thought you might want to print out and keep in your aircraft:
"What To Do If Stopped By Law Enforcement" from AOPA.
It is also a good reminder of what documents you should have.

Click Here to view & print the PDF file.

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