Missouri State Aviation Day is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2. It will be somewhat different from previous years. Those of you who voted this past November will remember that one of the items on the ballot was an amendment to the Missouri Constitution which dramatically reduced the influence that lobbyists can have on our legislators. The Clean Missouri amendment passed with well over a 60% majority voting in favor.

Our legislators are now trying to cope with the restraints that the voters placed upon them and, in fact, several bills have already been filed to countermand some of the new restrictions. Clean Missouri also put several constraints on groups wanting to share their message with their representatives, such as the aviation community. As it stands now, we are only allowed to spend $5 on each legislator. This precludes us from having any food and only a token promotional item. It is still important for us to remind our representatives of the $857 million economic impact that general aviation has on the state of Missouri. We need to make sure they remember that one of the 121 public use general aviation airports or the 54 airport repair stations may be in their home town. There are roughly 9200 pilots in Missouri some of whom are probably their constituents. We want to make sure these aviation facts and figures are always available to our legislators and that they comprehend the significance of general aviation in the state.

As we have worked with the Missouri State Aviation Council (MOSAC) and the Missouri Airport Managers Association (MAMA) this year, we have all felt that it is important to continue sponsoring State Aviation Day. We are asking everyone to still plan on attending, to still pick up the Talking Points, and to still call on your particular legislators. Thanks to MoDOT and Jefferson City Flying Service the shuttle will be running from the airport to the capitol so parking should not be an issue. We will still be meeting in the third floorrotunda area of the capitol.

Mark April 2 on your calendar as State Aviation Day and we will see you there!!

Carolyn Morris, Public Relations

The MPA will be hosting their 66th Anniversary and Annual 2019 Convention June 21 and 22 in West Plains. The nearest airport is West Plains, (KUNO). Because of your strong commitment in serving the General Aviation community, we would like to invite
you to come and participate. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to promote your business while helping us promote our mission. Your financial support or product donation will help us conduct a high quality event and provide an important service to the aviation community. Monetary support is needed to supplement the convention budget and product support is needed to fill convention packets (pens, luggage tags, chips, candy or anything with a company logo). Of course, we would be pleased to discuss any other ways in which you might like to participate.

We are a not-for-profit organization (501c3) incorporated in 1953 and committed to Aviation Safety and Education as well as charitable tasks. The mission and purpose of our organization is to Promote the highest standards of safety through continuing education and
preserve General Aviation for future generations in the State of Missouri. We are passionate about passing on the legacy of aviation to future generations and your support will help us achieve this. To encourage your participation we have enclosed a vender sponsorship sheet and registration form. The attire for the convention is totally casual including the Saturday night fish fry so come, have fun, share, learn and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow pilots and the future of General Aviation.

Thanking you in advance for your support.
Keep our skies safe,
South Central Chapter
Missouri Pilots Association

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Floyd Deidiker announced the new SAFE Program for the MPA.
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Gary Fox thought you might want to print out and keep in your aircraft:
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President's Page
An introduction to the statewide organization. The chapters listed below have separate web sites. Their newsletters will tell you what they are and have been doing. Several have additional information and links that might interest you. Click any of the logos to pay a visit.

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