The Missouri Pilots Association offers an annual $600 scholarship for a kindergarten through twelfth grade teacher to attend an aerospace education course. The scholarship, known as the Norman Lawnick Aerospace Education Scholarship, is for a teacher who would like to gain aviation knowledge to bring into the classroom. The Missouri Pilots Association believes the future of general aviation lies with the young students in these classrooms. Teachers, students and aviation will all benefit from this aviation study program.

            The scholarship is not limited for use to any one college or university. Historically only Central Missouri State University (CMSU) at Warrensburg, Missouri offers the program which is most applicable. CMSU has a strong aviation curriculum and operates their airport and flight school.

            The CMSU class is a basic aerospace information study that deals with the social, scientific, and technological importance of aviation and space with special application for teachers who desire to utilize such information in the elementary or secondary schools. No previous aviation knowledge is needed! The class is taught with field trips and utilizes a variety of guest speakers in the course.

            Students in the AE class (AVIA 4060 Aerospace Education) can earn 2.0 semester hours of graduate credit. The class of 2005 starts June 13, and concludes June 24. Tuition costs for graduate credit is $222 per hour or $444 total. Models, field trips, transportation and graduation banquet will cost an additional $30. No text book is required. CMSU apartments rent for $18.53 per day and can be shared with a roommate if desired. Dr. John Horine is the class coordinator for CMSU and can be contacted at 660-543-4457 or e-mail to answer any questions.

            Application for the course of study is separate from the application for the scholarship. To apply for the scholarship applicants need to provide brief information about themselves, their school assignment and their plan to bring aviation education in the classroom. All application letters are needed by May 17, 2005. Please mail your information to:

Mrs. Lana Maggart
MPA Scholarship Chair
827 Lamplight Lane
Hazelwood, MO 63042
Phone 314-731-0199

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