Missouri Pilots Association Chapter Program Ideas

Looking for program ideas for your chapter meetings? This is the place to get some ideas and share some ideas with other chapters. Check out the ideas listed here. If you find something you think would work for one of your chapter meetings, email the program chairman for speaker contact information. If you have had a great program and you would like to share that information with other chapters, let us know!

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Program Ideas

Glass Simulation Center offers an overview of the history of simulators and how they can help pilots during emergency situations, and instrument procedures. Simulators can teach and review aircraft systems ranging from piston to small jet planes. They can show the safety advantage of simulators vs. actual aircraft for training pilots for recurrent training that is insurance approved. They do NOT teach pilots to fly. But they train them for instrument procedures, emergency situations and teach and/or review aircraft systems.

What's happening in the aviation insurance business in these times?
What are insurance companies looking at now that we are flying FEWER hours? How do you get more bang for your buck with your aviation insurance? This is not a sales pitch for insurance but a chance to ask all the questions you can think of or always wanted to know.

Whiteman Air Force Base Speaker

The Whiteman Air Force Base has a Pubic Affairs Community Relations department and they are available to speak to MPA chapter meetings. You must complete a request form & allow some lead time. And speakers are subject to cancellation due to weather or operational requirements

History of Women in Aviation - 99 years of women in Aviation

This presentation focuses on the pioneers who began flying in the 1910's (or in a few cases before). Then the Golden Age of air racing and record setting before World War II will be discussed. The Women's Air Derby of 1929, and the founding of the Ninety Nines before moving on to the women aviators of WWII. And then the effect of the women's movement that allowed women to move into all aspects of aviation.

History of the Ninety Nines - Founded in 1929 by 99 licensed women pilots for the support and advancement of aviation. This international organization of women pilots' first president was Amelia Earhart. This presentation will help you appreciate the contributions of the early women in aviation and their organization.

Adventures of 52 Solo Flights across the Atlantic - Flying into Europe and Africa delivering new aircraft this remarkable lady shares pictures, slides and the multitude of challenges they faced with this business. Starting in 1954 until her retirement in the 1990's the facts and achievements of her long time flying career are fascinating!

The Challenges of Attaining the Sea Plane Rating
Have you considered getting a Seaplane Rating? This is a real life tale of the challenges one MPA pilot managed to get his Seaplane Rating. Seaplane operations are much different and at the same time the same as land operations. The airplane doesn't stay put when you shut off the engine! And sometimes you must actually sail the plane backward and downwind.....

How to Clean Up Auto Gasoline to use in your Airplane!
This is an interesting REAL demonstration (using real gasoline from the gas station) showing exactly what you need to do in order to utilize gasoline in your airplane!

Flying in South Africa
A pilot's experiences learning to fly in South Africa and the differences in flying there! This presentation includes fun stuff like: flying with density altitude issues, spin training, map and compass in the bush, avoiding terrorist dangers, pig holes and termite mounds.

Angel Flight
Learn about volunteer pilot opportunities flying people in need without charge for medical care. Angel Flight's mission is to serve people in need by arranging charitable flights for access to health care and other humanitarian purposes. MPA member volunteer pilot will come to your chapter and share information on qualifications of pilots & passengers.

Learning to Fly in Panama
Do you think flying in Missouri is challenging? This speaker talks about his experiences learning to fly on primitive airstrips and cross country flying around Panama. He also discusses the changes in these airstrips since his experiences in 1972.

Real Airplane Value Today
How much is your airplane worth in today's market considering paint, interior, updates and more? Utilizes a handout for the audience to estimate whether add on's were positive or negative for value and what they are actually worth. Also shares what today's market is the most sought after.

Link Trainer
Hear about the history & restoration of an operational Link Trainer. Presentation includes pictures of the restoration and description of the challenges of gaining official approval for training.

Flying Hurricanes
Learn the challenges of flying through, in and around hurricanes by an MPA member who has done this not once but through 21 hurricanes! He has pictures to share to help understand the experience(s). This is your chapter's chance to hear about flying hurricanes in the super Connie!

Severe Weather
Technology behind Weather Forecasting/storm chasing. Presented by local television weathermen, usually available only locally due to work schedule "on air". But check your local TV weather person for availability for speaking engagements.

Commercial Airline Pilots' Flying Experiences
We have several former commercial airline pilots who are MPA members. They are willing to provide chapter programs with some advance notice. The evolution of the commercial airline industry and the changes in passenger safety are two of the subjects they can share from a very personal point of view.

From Steam to Glass
A History of aircraft instrumentation. Speaker can emphasize the older instruments or the newer stuff, depending on the chapter s interest. This talk was given at a forum at Oshkosh this past summer.

The Nicholas Beazley Aircraft Company
A presentation that stems from the research of a book to be released this summer about an interesting piece of Missouri Aviation History.

Aircraft Wiring
An intermediate how-to of building the wiring on a homebuilt aircraft. This is geared more for EAA homebuilders.

Flight Testing Your Aircraft
A survey of approved methods and safety measures before, during, and after building an airplane. Again, this is mostly for EAA homebuilders.

Other local speakers you should consider for chapter programs:

Airport managers

Medical Examiners


Aerial Applicators

Air Medical Operators & Pilots

Sport Pilot Instructors

Sales Reps for Cirrus, Columbia Aircraft

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