February 2006

February Gateway meeting:  Wednesday, February 8, at the Columns in St. Charles.  We invite all MPA members and their guests to join us!  Fred Harms, Operations Safety Progam Manager at the St. Louis FSDO, will relate some of his experiences of everyday life in Viet Nam.  Dinner will be tossed salad, cream of tomato soup, sliced London broil, baked tilapia with lemon sauce, cauliflower au gratin, Lyonaise potatoes, rolls and butter, and lemon roulade cake  for dessert.  Dinner is still $14/person.  Doors open at 6 pm, serving begins at 6:30 pm and the program gets underway at 7:30 pm with a short business meeting to follow.  Phone your dinner reservations to Libby Yunger at 314-725-0428 by 3 pm Monday, February 6.   Please join us and remember to bring a friend and get a free 50/50 ticket.

Twenty-nine members and guests attended our January meeting at the Columns.  Les Featherston, president of the Missouri Pilots Association, updated us on activities at the state level.  1) Light aircraft were not used effectively after Hurricane Katrina.  In order to demonstrate to state legislators that general aviation aircraft  are useful and offer versatility in disasters, the Board of Directors proposes that this yearís MPA air tour be a gathering of light aircraft at Jefferson City airport (JEF) with each aircraft stopping at three or four public use airports along the way. 2) A committee is finalizing a new MPA logo to project a modern, more professional image.  3) In order to actively recruit new members, a complimentary six month membership can be offered to new pilots or to any other person interested in joining our group.  It is important to mentor these new members to become active participants in our chapters and in  the state organization.

Les encouraged us to attend the MPA State Convention scheduled for June 9-11 in Kansas City.   Look for more information in the next month or two.  Along those lines, the Gateway Chapter voted to send $100 to the Kansas City Chapter to help defray the cost of hosting the convention.  Les reiterated his invitation to all members to visit him at Rebelís Bluff airport near Mt. Vernon, MO, in southwest Missouri.

Seven members and guests in three airplanes braved the low level bumpiness to attend our January fly-out to Lambertís Restaurant at Sikeston, MO.  Despite some bumps near the ground, the air was smooth as silk at 3500-4500 ft, and the food was plentiful and excellent, as always.  Our February fly-out is scheduled for Sunday, February 12, to Richardís Farm Restaurant in Casey IL (1H8).  The buffet at Richardís is wonderful, so we hope to have a good turnout of aircraft and people.  Participants should plan to arrive at 1H8 by 12:30 pm.

Speaking of cross country trips, last December Art and Candy Zemon flew from St. Charles MO to Syracuse NY and Trenton NJ with several stops in between.  Read their account of the trip at   http://cheerfulcurmudgeon.com/2005/12/21/travelling-by-arrow/

We would like to thank Donna and Bob Crandell and Chuck and Lana Maggart for manning the Gateway Chapter booth at the Midwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show (MACTS) last month.  Even though there wasnít much booth traffic, we may have picked up some new members.   Also thank you to Bob Kraemer for sponsoring Scott Crossfield

If you know a young person, age 15-25 or so, whoís interested in flying and would benefit from a free first flying lesson, then the Jim Byrnes Memorial First Flight committee would like to hear from you.  Contact Linda McCullough (636-281-1034), Rick Albrecht (636-441-3230) or Jan Pocock (636-394-5734) for applications and additional information.

Jay Underdown still has two partnerships available in his sport pilot-qualified 1941 Porterfield based at St. Charles Municipal AP (3SQ).  For more information, contact Jay at 636-946-9980 (work) or 636-723-4200 (home).  We were very happy to see Jay up and about again at the MACTS last month, and hope to see him at a Gateway meeting in the near future.

Safety tip of the month from Rick Albrecht, director, GSLFIA:  Spring is fast approaching and itís time to get with your favorite instructor and brush up on those maneuvers that have grown rusty during the long winter flying drought.  You may even consider participating in the Wings program.  All you need to do is attend a safety seminar and do three hours of flying with an instructor: one hour of take-off and landings, one hour of maneuvers and one hour of hood work.  Do all the stuff, like stalls and night landings, that youíll only do with an instructor in the plane.  Brush up on those ever-changing FARs and learn the latest in temporary flight restrictions (TFRs), that travel cross-country with governmental VIPS.  Best of all, the Wings programs substitutes for your biennial flight review.

About 25% of the Gateway Flyers are now going out electronically.  If you would like to receive your newsletter by e-mail each month, please send me your e-mail address or give me your e-mail address at the February meeting

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