January 2004

January Gateway meeting:  Wednesday, January 14 at the Columns in St. Charles.  Bill Switzer, Federal Security Director for St. Louis Lambert Airport, will speak.  We invite all MPA members and their guests to join us!  This is your opportunity to learn what’s being done locally to make our commercial flights safer and perhaps how that impacts general aviation as well.  Dinner will be tossed salad, Italian bean soup, cannelloni, chicken Modiga (grilled chicken topped with provolone cheese in white wine sauce), California vegetable medley, rolls and margarine, and spumoni with shortbread cookie for dessert.  Dinner is still just $13/person.  Doors open at 6 pm, serving begins at 6:30 pm and the meeting and program get underway at 7:30 pm.  Phone your dinner reservations to Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by Monday evening,  January12.   Please join us and remember to bring a friend

The Gateway Chapter Christmas party was a huge success.  Following a sumptuous buffet dinner and lots of home-made goodies, we gathered around the piano where Susan Lowe ably led us in caroling…amazingly there are actually folks in our chapter who KNOW all the gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Bob Kraemer and Libby Yunger refereed another wild rob-thy-neighbor gift exchange…an angle grinder and a couple of snowmen made several trips around the room.

The Jim Byrnes Memorial First Flight committee has announced two new scholarship recipients:  Tanner Stewart and Benjamin Connor.  Each of them will take his first flight lesson in a Katana at Skyline Aeronautics at Spirit of St.Louis airport.  Blue skies and tail winds!

Sunday, December 21 was warm and pretty – too nice for just the short hop to Smartt Field…so a group of 8 members and guests in three planes flew out to Mt. Vernon for lunch.  Unfortunately, the word did not get around to everyone, and five members and guests gathered at Kilroys as initially planned.  That was the last fly-out of the season; a new season of fly-outs will begin in March.  The food is good, the camaraderie is great, but fly-out participation is often limited to the folks based at Creve Coeur.  We suspect this may be due to a lack of communication with folks based at other fields, who have sometimes gone on fly-outs only to find that they have been cancelled or changed at the last minute.  How can we do this better next year?  We really would like input from chapter members on how to improve fly-out attendance.

Libby Yunger
Newsletter Editor
(314) 725-0428

The President’s Corner.  Despite the snow and cold there was a good turnout for the state board meeting in Columbia on Dec. 14.  Everyone brought food and treats to share before the meeting got underway.  Along with the routine meeting, Joe Pestka from MoDOT brought us up to date on the current airport and legislative activities.  We are glad that the Tall Structures bill will be reintroduced this year in Jefferson City under the sponsorship of Jack Jackson.  Columbia airport manager, Bill Boston, also joined us and mentioned some improvements planned for his airport.  They are currently looking for people that would be interested in building private GA T-hangars on the field.  A second FBO is also starting up.

A note of interest to you Piper Cherokee owners out there:  Jim and Carolyn Morris will host the annual Cherokee convention at the Grand Glaze airport the week after our MPA convention there in June.  They are going to be very busy people!  The MPA Convention will be June 11-13 and the Cherokee Convention is June 18-20.

Start thinking about fly-out choices for the new season starting in March!  Lana and I hope you had a great holiday season and we wish you safe flying in 2004.

    Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199

Safety tip of the month from Rick Albrecht, president, GSLFIA:  When removing snow and ice from you aircraft before flight, make sure no moisture is left in the controls that can refreeze during flight causing the controls to become inoperable.  Bring the aircraft into a hangar and use a hair dryer or air hose to thoroughly dry the hinge areas.  Also remember to remove all snow from the wheel wells, dry off the hubs, and watch where you taxi to prevent landing on locked wheels.


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