JUNE 2004

Our speaker at the May meeting was Bill Hopper, founder of the Greater St. Louis Helicopter Association, helicopter instructor, and former faculty member at Parks College.  Bill dispelled several helicopterisms, the perceptions most of us have about what helicopters do that are based on misinformation, and told us a lot about how helicopters fly.  This was followed by a series of slides depicting the history of vertical flight with rotary wing aircraft.  Two things to know about helicopters:  they do, in fact, glide, albeit in a downward spiral, and the angle of the swashplate determines the direction the helicopter will move. 

The May meeting featured the election of officers.  The following officers were elected by acclimation:  Bob Kraemer, president, Doug Allen, vice president, Jean Murry, secretary, and Libby Yunger, treasurer, Doug Geldbach, Don Moonen, and Dr. Bill Sill, directors (three-year term), and Joe Malkowsky, director (one-year term, replacement for Bob Kraemer).

Tom and Louise Butlerís travels had brought them through St. Louis again, and it was a real treat to have them in attendance at our meeting.  Bob Boelling brought his photo album of vintage airplanes which was enjoyed by several members. 

The Presidentís Corner.  It has been a pleasure and honor to serve you as Gateway Chapterís president for the past five years.  Many things have happened to your family, my family and the chapter during those five years.  We have lost many valued friends through moving and death; however we have acquired many new friends and members thanks to your efforts.

I am always impressed with the talent, skills and willingness to help possessed by Gatewayís members.  This was really displayed during the 2004 convention Gateway hosted.  The period as president also allowed me to meet many new pilots and officials in our state and with the FAA, make many new friends and to become better acquainted with many of you.  This job has many advantages and I encourage all members to consider serving a tour in an MPA office.  I will be on the chapterís board of directors as the immediate past president and I will remain on the state board for about two more years in this term.  Many thanks to all of you who have helped make this past five years fun and memorable for Lana and me.  Thank you!

Welcome to our new president, Bob Kraemer, vice president, Doug Allen, our incumbent secretary, Jean Murry and incumbent treasurer, Libby Yunger.  Also welcome and congratulations to the new chapter directors:  Don Moonen, Doug Geldbach, Dr. Bill Sill and Joe Malkowski.  We will have the installation at our next business meeting in July.

Details of the MPA  Air Tour were given at the state board meeting and will be displayed in the MPA NEWS, however nineteen people participated in nine planes on the rain date of May 8.  To help generate interest in the state organization it has been proposed that some of our chapter fly-outs be to other chapters or with other chapters.  This seems like an idea to consider at one of our meetings.   Tailwinds.

Chuck Maggart

Twelve members and guests in five airplanes flew to Casey, IL, on Sunday, May 16, and enjoyed the wonderful buffet at Richardís Farm Restaurant.  The day started overcast with an airmet for IFR conditions across Missouri and western Illinois (at 9 am the ceiling at SET was 100 ft!), but conditions cleared enough by mid-morning for safe VFR flight.  Steve Pierce, sporting a fresh instrument rating, flew on an IFR flight plan (we were secretly monitoring his interactions with St. Louis Approach).  Congratulations, Steve!

The next chapter meeting is our annual picnic on Wednesday, June 9, at St. Charles County Airport (SET).  Bring your kids and grand-kids, lawn chairs, and yard toys Ė and pray for fair skies.  Lori Cotton, proprietor of Kilroyís Restaurant, will prepare the chicken (baked or fried) and supply the drinks.  Members may bring their favorite salad, vegetable dish, dessert, or nibble food for everyone to share.  Musical entertainment will be provided by Rick and Gen Albrecht.  The picnic will begin around 6 pm.  Please give Jean Murry (314-469-3541) your head count by Monday evening, June 7, and let her know whether the members of your group prefer baked or fried chicken.


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