JUNE 2006

Gateway annual picnic:  Wednesday, June 14, at Kilroys Restaurant at St. Charles County Smartt Airport (SET).  Festivities will get underway at 6 pm.  We invite all MPA members and their guests to join us!  If the weather is nice, we may want to eat outside on the lawn or porch, so bring lawn chairs and toys.  Rick and Gen Albrecht will provide musical entertainment.  This year we have asked Lori, the owner of Kilroys Restaurant, to cater the picnic.  She will provide fried chicken, baked chicken breast, potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, berry cobbler for dessert, and unlimited soda or iced tea.  Anyone wishing to bring snacks, such as chips, desserts, fruit, or veggies and dip, is welcome to do so.  Dinner is $10 per person.  To assure that Lori will order enough food for all of us, please call your reservations as usual to Jean Murry (314-469-3541) by 3 pm on Monday, June 12.   The picnic is always great fun, so grab your relatives, neighbors, and flying buddies and join us on Wednesday!

Thirty-one members and guests attended the May meeting at the Columns.  Capt. Dan Scott, entertained us with stories of his early years with Ozark Airlines in the mid-1950s.  Dan started flying in 1943 when he and a high-school friend joined the Army Air Corps.   He was hired at Ozark in 1954 and many of his early flights were as co-pilot to the not very passenger-centric chief pilot, who was also owner of the DC-3s. If you missed the meeting, you missed hearing about the time they taxied away from the gate with the gate agent still in the baggage compartment, or the new stewardess who wanted to quit after her first flight because she couldn’t stand the passengers screaming in the cabin, or the new stewardess who was told to flush the “blue room” periodically by pulling up the flap handle in the cockpit.  Dan is currently a major owner of the Ozark Air Lines Museum C-47 that is based at Smartt Field, which he and co-pilot, Bob Kraemer, plan to take to several air shows this summer.  Their next appearance will be at the Salute to Veterans air show, May 26-29, at Columbia MO (COU).  

Election of officers:   The following officers were elected by acclamation: Bob Kraemer, president; Donna Crandell, vice president, Bob Crandell, secretary and newsletter editor, Libby Yunger, treasurer, and Don Kramme, Steve Pierce, and Florence Wyatt, directors for a 2-year term.

Josh Lupkin, Research Curator with the Missouri Historical Society Museum, attended our May meeting. Josh is gathering material for an exhibit on the history of flight in St. Louis that is planned for 2007.  He is particularly interested in getting stories, artifacts and pictures that might be of broad interest. Additionally he would like input on what the aviation community would like to see in the exhibit.  He can be contacted at 314-746-4568 or jlupkin@mohistory.org.

Upcoming Events:  Our June fly-out is scheduled for Sunday, June 18 (Father’s Day), to Gastons (3M0).  Plan to arrive at 3M0 by 12:30 pm.  The MPA State Convention is June 9-11 at Lee’s Summit airport (LXT).  Registration forms are in the MPA State Newsletter and on the MPA web site.. 

Member News:  We were happy to welcome back several members we’ve not seen in awhile:  Art and Candy Zemon, Nancy and Scott Zimmer, Rich and Marge Green, and Lee ArnoldLinda McCullough is recovering from tendon surgery and was sporting a hot-pink fiberglass leg cast. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.   Bob Crandell reported that the St. Louis Downtown airport open house was a very successful fund raiser for the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum.  The museum’s new home at Downtown Airport (CPS) is quite impressive; they now have room to display much of their collection of model airplanes, McDonnell artifacts, and St. Louis aviation memorabilia.

Speaking of Art and Candy Zemon, they recently came up with a way to combine their love of camping 
with their love of flying. 
Take a look at their ingenious solution:  http://cheerfulcurmudgeon.com/2006/05/30/flyng-camping-fun/

Safety tip of the month from Rick Albrecht, director, GSLFIA:  Attention aircraft owners and renters:  Know that your aircraft is airworthy before you fly.   If you are a renter, you have a right to see the logbooks of the aircraft you rent.  Check that all ADs have been complied with (there is usually a list of applicable ADs in the front or back of the aircraft, engine, and prop logbooks and notes regarding the date and means of AD compliance must appear in the logbook entries).  Check that all required annual, 100 hr or 50 hr inspections have been performed.  Oil should be changed in most aircraft every 50 hrs (25-30 hrs if the aircraft has no oil filter) and compression should be at least 65/80 in all cylinders. An altimeter check and ELT battery replacement should be logged within the last two years.  Check that any inoperative equipment is placarded in the aircraft and noted in the log book.  Check that any maintenance specifically required for your aircraft or type of flight has been accomplished within the required time interval.  If you are an owner, go through your log books with your mechanic after each inspection.  If one is available, take a course on the maintenance of the aircraft you own so you will understand its special maintenance needs.  These courses are often sponsored by owner organizations.  Know the equipment on your aircraft and be alert for new ADs that apply to your aircraft. 

Aircraft Partnerships For Sale:  Bob Linenweber is selling his 10% interest in an IFR-certified Cessna 150L that is hangared at Spirit of St. Louis (SUS) airport.  The aircraft is owned by Phantom Works Inc.  Bob is asking $2400 firm.  In addition, the club charges $200 for buying a membership, and the new owner must be unanimously approved by the other members.  The club charges $53 per month for hangar, insurance and scheduling, and $35/hr wet for use of the airplane.  A member purchasing fuel en route is given a full credit for the fuel expense.  Anyone interested should call Bob at 314-542-4273 (home) or 314-890-4864 (work).  Jay Underdown still has two partnerships available in a red, sport pilot certified 1940 Porterfield for $5000 each. The aircraft is based at St. Charles Municipal Airport (3SQ).  100 hrs of tailwheel time is required.  For more information call Jay at 636-046-9980 (day) or 636-978-4200 (evenings).

This will be my last newsletter (no clapping please!).  Bob Crandell will take over as newsletter editor and keeper of the calendar of events in July.  Anyone having bits or pieces for the newsletter or calendar should e-mail the information to Bob:  clove2fly@aol.com.   Currently, about 35% of the Gateway Flyers go our electronically each month.  If you would like to receive your newsletter by e-mail, please send your e-mail address to Bob Crandell or give it to him at the June picnic.

Libby Yunger
Newsletter Editor
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