March 2006

March Gateway meeting:  Wednesday, March 8, at the Columns in St. Charles.

Mike Gaffney, owner of Skyline Aviation at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, will speak on transitioning into an aircraft with an electronic (glass) cockpit.  We invite all MPA members and their guests to join us!  Dinner will include Mandarin orange salad, potato chowder, corned beef and cabbage, baked cod in dill sauce, boiled potatoes, carrots, rolls and butter, and key lime tart for dessert.  Dinner is still $14/person.  Doors open at 6 pm, serving begins at 6:30 pm and the program gets underway at 7:30 pm with a short business meeting to follow.  Phone your dinner reservations to Jean Murry at 314-469-3541 by 3 pm Monday, March 6.   Please join us and remember to bring a friend and get a free 50/50 ticket.

Thirty-two members and guests attended for our March meeting.  Fred Harms, Operations Safety Program Manager at the St. Louis FSDO, related some of his experiences as the pilot of a helicopter gunship during the Viet Nam War.  Sidekick, one of his favorite gunships, also survived the war and is now on display in Georgia.  Despite his adventures, Fred claimed that the pilots who had the really tough job were the troop carriers who often had to deploy or pick up troops in fog-shrouded, mountainous terrain.  The presentation was entertaining and informative, and we thank Fred for sharing his slides and stories with us. 

Member Happenings:  We were very happy to have Jay Underdown attend our March meeting, and to see that he is recovering well from the torn knee tendon and broken ankle that he suffered in a fall last November. Steve Pierce has sold the Bumble Bee, which has flown off with its new owners to San Francisco. Steve is looking for a Comanche to buy. Welcome back to several members we hadnít seen for awhile:  Bill Hopper, Terry Lahey, Bob Witte, and Don Tate. Don invited us to visit him and his collection of aviation memorabilia at Tight Squeeze Field, a 2000 ft grass strip about 3 miles NE of Jonesburg, MO.

Matt and Dorothy Martin
announced their 59th wedding anniversary at our February meeting.  Congratulations, and may you have many more happy years together.   Welcome back to several members we hadnít seen for awhile:  Bill Hopper, Terry Lahey, Bob Witte, and Don Tate.  Don invited us  to visit him and his collection of aviation memorabilia at Tight Squeeze Field, a 2000 ft grass strip about 3 miles northeast of Jonesburg, MO.

If youíre flying into St. Charles Municipal Airport (3SQ), be advised that the Rwy 27 traffic pattern has moved; it is now a right-hand pattern.  The change was made proactively to reduce the number of aircraft flying over the New Town housing development.

Linda McCullough announced that a Jim Byrnes Memorial First Flight Scholarship has been awarded to Charles Perry.  Charles works at St. Charles Municipal Airport. And will be taking his flight at St. Charles Flying Service.

The March fly-out is scheduled for Sunday, March 12, to Columbia MO (COU).  However, the restaurant at Columbia airport is no longer open on weekends, so it is possible that the fly-out will be moved to another location.  We will announce the destination of the fly-out at the March meeting, and I will also send a notification to the membership via e-mail.

Members are encouraged to attend the MPA state convention, June 9-11, at Leeís Summit Airport (LXT).  The schedule of events, hotel arrangements, and fees have not been announced.

Jay Underdown still has partnerships available in his sport pilot-qualified 1941 Porterfield based at St. Charles Municipal Airport (3SQ).  For more information, contact Jay at 636-946-9980 (work) or 636-723-4200 (home).

Safety tip of the month from Rick Albrecht, director, GSLFIA:  March is roaring in with gusty winds that can make take-off and landing an adventure.  Itís time to get with your favorite instructor and brush up on cross-wind landings and aircraft operation in turbulent conditions.  Loss of directional control is high on the list of causes of aircraft accidents, donít let it happen to you!

About 25% of the Gateway Flyers are now going out electronically.  If you would like to receive your newsletter by e-mail each month, please send me your e-mail address or give me your e-mail address at the March meeting.  Folks who receive their newsletter by e-mail also receive bonus photos, calendar of events, and other information not available by snail mail.  Itís a good deal.

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Newsletter Editor
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