May 2007

The May Gateway Chapter Meeting will be held on May 8th at the Columns in St. Charles. We invite All MPA members and guests to Please come and join us.

The speaker will be Al Donaldson. Mr. Donaldson is an active member of EAA chapter 32 in St. Charles. Al was a "Mosquito" pilot. He flew AT-6 Texan airplanes and had the extremely dangerous task of forward air observer. They spotted tank and troop movement, and then they would circle until the fighter-bombers came. Please come and listen to his accounts of these missions.

The menu is: Fresh fruit tray, garden vegetable medley, sliced roast beef aujus, chicken cacciatore, garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed zucchini and carrots. Rolls and butter. Dessert is Lemon Bar w/Raspberry sauce. Dinner is $14.00 per person. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Serving begins at 6:30. The program starts at 7:00, with a short business meeting to follow. Please phone your reservations to Jean Murry by Monday May 7th. Her number is 31-469-3541.

We are into Spring and early summer so the birds and critters are looking for a place to call home. So, when we preflight, taking a little extra time to check for nests is a good idea. While doing a preflight on a C172RG for a CFI training flight, we saw bird droppings on the prop. We removed the panel from both sides of the engine and found it packed full of bird nests. If you own the aircraft, it is easy to make plugs with orange or red flags to plug up all the places that the birds and critters can get in. Talk to your mechanic about ways to keep out unwanted guests. If you rent, be very careful in your preflight, use your flashlight and a mirror to check for nests of all kinds. I'm sure many of you can remember the story when the pilot took off and had wasps in the cabin with him. Always do a Good preflight so the flight has a safe ending. FLY SAFE . Rick

Bob Crandell

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