October 2003


October Gateway meeting:  Wednesday, October 8 at the Columns in St. Charles.  KSDK meteorologist, John Fuller. will speak about a matter of interest to all pilots, the weather.  We invite all members and their guests to join us!  Dinner will be Caesar salad, corn chowder, pork medallions, baked cod in tomato sauce, meatless spaghetti, broccoli spears, rolls, margarine, and apple jack cake for dessert.  Dinner is still just $13 per person.  Doors open at 6 pm, serving begins at 6:30 pm followed by the meeting and program at 7:30 pm.  Please get your dinner reservations in to Libby Yunger (314-725-0428) by Monday evening, October 6. 



At the August meeting, former McDonnell-Douglas chief test pilot, Joe Dobronski shared his experiences flying the Stemme motor glider on trips out west. (click to see the pictures posted last month) As the name implies, the Stemme has an engine that permits self launches and can be used to extend the time aloft.  With a wingspan of seventy-six feet and two seats it is an impressive aircraft.  On one of these trips, Joe surpassed the 10,000 hour mark in his flying career.  Besides telling us about the Stemme, he showed some beautiful aerial pictures of the Rocky Mountains.  Joe also mentioned that on one trip while ridge soaring, he achieved 32,000 feet.  We also found out that Joe was sharing his birthday with us that evening.  A good reason to celebrate!



Two of Gateway’s members, Tony Petruso and Carl Schaffner, recently got their seaplane ratings.  Congratulations guys!





Bill and Linda McCullough recently designed a certificate to be given with the Jim Byrnes Memorial First Flight awards.  Two of these awards have been handed out so far and the new certificates help convey the origin and purpose of the awards.  Good job McCulloughs!









Long time members Doug and Dawn Allen were at the meeting.  After a few years of professional flying around the country, Doug announced that he is training in police work now and plans to stay in the area.  We look forward to seeing them at more meetings. 


The Call A Friend campaign created by membership chairman, Lana Maggart,  is starting to pay dividends.  Dr. Bill Sill brought his nephew, Steve Davies, who is in medical school and whose father was a Marine pilot.  Bob Whitte brought his friend, Lee Lashley, who received his flight training from Jim Byrnes in 1959.  Doug and Dawn Allen brought former member, Isabel Kennedy, Sterling’s wife.  Please remember to call a friend and invite them to attend the meetings with you.


We had two chapter fly-outs in September.  Our scheduled fly-out to Casey, IL was weathered out in Casey on Sunday, September 14, so four members flew in the direction of the good weather (west) to Jefferson City.



However, the food at Casey is too good to pass up, and seven members and guests in two airplanes made the trip to Casey the following weekend.



Be sure to mark your calendars for the next chapter fly-out to the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base on October 24-26.  This is the 100th year of powered flight and both the Air Force Museum and the city of Dayton, OH, have many special exhibits and events honoring the Wrights.  We fly into Moraine Air Park, which is basically on a 10 mile final for rwy 5 at Patterson Field.


The President’s Corner:  A new MPA chapter was just formed in the Kirksville region and we welcome the new members into the organization.  Ron Wade and Jan Hoyancki were instrumental in meeting with the group and invited them to attend the September Board meeting in Columbia.  I am glad to see the northern part of the state better represented in aviation matters.


Al Werner (K.C. chapter) has very successfully handled the MPA Educational Endowment Fund for many years, but must step down for health reasons.  If any Gateway member is qualified and willing to manage the investment fund, please contact me or Carolyn Morris.  Proceeds from the fund are used to partially underwrite the cost of the scholarship awarded annually by the state organization.


On a local note, be sure to mark October 18, on your calendar for the pig roast and big doings at Smartt Field.  Plans are still in work as of this writing, but more should be known by meeting time.  Happy Halloween!  


Chuck Maggart
Gateway President
(314) 731-0199


Safety tip of the month from Rick Albrecht, president, GSLFIA:  With cold weather rapidly approaching, remember that water from the atmosphere condenses on cold surfaces, like the inside of your airplane’s fuel tanks.  Keep your tanks topped off and be especially observant for fuel contamination on cold days.  Also, when you preheat your engine, remember to preheat your cabin and, thus, your flight instruments, as well.


100th Anniversary of Flight T-shirts:  We are still selling 100th Anniversary of Flight T-shirts.  The shirts feature the Wright flyer and are quite unique.  They come in navy or beige, sizes M, L, XL, and XXL.  Price per T-shirt is $15 ($16 for XXL) if you pick them up in person or add $3 s&h per shirt to have them mailed to you.  To place an order contact Jean Murry at 314-469-3541.


 Libby Yunger
Newsletter Editor
(314) 725-0428

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