September 2004

Please plan to attend the September Gateway Chapter meeting:  Wednesday, September 8, at the Columns in St. Charles.  The program will be a Safety Seminar conducted by Steve Long, Maintenance Safety Program Manager at the St. Louis FSDO, who will speak on requirements for becoming an A&P mechanic and inspection requirements for home-built aircraft. The dinner buffet will include Caesar salad, beef barley soup, pork medallions, baked herb chicken, herb whipped potatoes, sugar snap peas, rolls and butter, and chocolate cake for dessert.  Dinner is still just $13/person.  Doors open at 6 pm, serving begins at 6:30 pm and the meeting and program get underway at 7:30 pm.  Phone your dinner reservations to Jan Pocock at 636-394-5734 by Monday evening, September 6.  Please join us and remember to bring a friend.  Everyone who brings a guest to the meeting gets a free 50/50 ticket.

Twenty-four members and guests heard Susan Foy, Major, USAF, of the Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base, speak on the USAF BASH (Birdstrike/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard) program at our August meeting.  The program motto, bird avoidance – the key to survival, is apt since a 12 lb Canada goose hitting an aircraft going 150 mph generates the same force as a 1000 lb weight dropped from a height of 10 ft.  Annually birdstrikes cause $500 million in damage to civil and military aircraft.  In 2002, a year after BASH was initiated, the Air Force reported 3,700 birdstrikes that caused $8.8 million damage – and that was the lowest total since 1996!  The most recent birdstrike accident in the local news was the downing of a Lear 24 after takeoff from Downtown Parks airport last November.  The four rules for reducing the risk of birdstrike:  1)  Check NOTAMs for bird activity at the home and destination airports.  2) Bird activity is highest  in the first hour before and after sunrise and sunset, so limit flying during those times.  3)  Fly as high as possible – 99% of birdstrikes happen below 2500 AGL.  4)  Avoid wildlife sanctuaries, landfills, rivers, and shorelines where birds are more apt to congregate.    

As I write this, the August  fly-out to Mexico, MO (MYJ) for Zenith’s Open House has not yet occurred, so we will have to hear about it at the September meeting.  Note that fly-out pictures can be viewed and downloaded from Steve Pierce’s web site: (look in the “planes” section).   If you have pictures for the web site contact Steve at 314-423-6853.  The next chapter  fly out will be on Sunday, September 19 to Mattoon IL (Cole County Airport, MTO).  Please plan to join us.  Call Doug Allen if you need a lift or if you have room for an extra passenger or two (636-441-8112, home, or 636-734-3447, cell).

Andrew Hesketh’s suggestion of a joint meeting of the Gateway Chapter MPA and the local chapter of
the A
merican Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) was favorably received.  Bob Kraemer
will work will Andrew to bring that about.  We also began brainstorming ways to bring more of our 174
members to meetings.  Meeting attendance has fallen off dramatically since the convention last year.
We would especially like input from members who do not attend meetings on what activities, speakers,
changes in meeting time and place, etc. would encourage them to attend meetings.

On the state level, Chuck Maggart asked if one of our members would be interested in replacing
Larry McClure (who moved to Arizona) as a District 5 director on the MPA State Board of Directors.
Contact Chuck if you would like to become more involved with the state organization.

Other newsGeorge Sconyers of the St. Louis Chapter was a guest at our July meeting.
Jean Murry reported that the Wings of Hope Midwest Medical Transport is flying medical patients to
and from hospitals on a daily basis in their Cessna 206. 
Jim Byrnes’ Warrior was bought by
Rich Greene and now lives at Greensfield Airport.  Also C-D Aircraft has moved out of St. Charles
County (Smartt) Airport, and Curt Richards is in the process of setting up shop at Greensfield.
Curt’s new telephone number is

Steve McNeilly, president of Aviation Tutorials Company, informed us of a free on-line course that teaches
pilots how to read METAR’s and TAF’s.  It is fully voice-narrated with about two hours of training, and is
available on the Aviation Tutorials website at .

Safety tip of the month from Rick Albrecht, president, GSLFIA:  A proficient pilot is a safe pilot.  Participation in the Wings program is an excellent way for pilots to maintain and improve proficiency.  Wings program participants not only fly more frequently with a flight instructor, but their attendance at safety seminars helps maintain and update their understanding of the FARs and of safety issues.  Remember, when you finish your Wings program, send a copy of your application or certificate to Carl Shaffner.

Libby Yunger
Newsletter Editor
(314) 725-0428


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