This Report is to get every member of MPA, ready for the Missouri Legislation Issues.

Here's what you need to do as Member of MPA:

1. Know who your State Representatives are in Jefferson City.
2. Know who your State Senators are in Jefferson City.
3. Get to know these people, we need these Representatives, and Senators, To help get the Aviation Legislation Issues Passed.
4. Find out if any one of them are Pilots, this will help even more, since they Will understand the Aviation Issues.
5. If you do not know your Local State Representative, or State Senator click on these links:
Who represents me in Jefferson City? (Opens in a new window)
Who represents me in Washington? (Opens in a new window)
6. Get ready for a lot of State Aviation Issues coming in the future.
7. I will also list the Washington, DC Aviation Issues that are critical to us As Pilots.

Now, Let's get ready for Lot's of Aviation Issues, coming soon.
I'll keep you Informed of these Important Legislation Issues that will effect us as Pilots.


Safe Flying!

Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
E-mail address: