December 2012

Greetings! First, Here is an update from Washington, D.C. New technology now available will help pilots better cope with bad weather in the mountains near Montrose, in the western part of Colorado, the FAA said this week. The Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) system makes it possible for air traffic controllers to track aircraft in mountainous areas that lack radar coverage, the FAA said. "This system will allow pilots to fly search and rescue missions in weather conditions that would have previously kept them grounded," said Michael Huerta, acting FAA Administrator. The system also will enable pilots to land in conditions that previously caused diversions or flight delays, Huerta said.

WAM is a NexGen technology that tracks aircraft using a network of small sensors deployed in remote areas, the FAA said. Aircraft transponders receive and send back signals to these sensors. System computers immediately analyze those signals and determine the aircraft's precise location. The system has also been deployed in Alaska and in Canada. WAM is being used in the near-term until ADS-B is fully deployed, according to the FAA. WAM will then serve as a backup to ADS-B in case of a GPS outage, and also will provide an additional surveillance source for ADS-B traffic broadcasts.

Secondly, SimpliFlying surveyed 55 airports across the globe to gain a better understanding of how they are positioning social media within the overall airport marketing, communications, and organizational plans. Over 55 percent of airports invest fewer than 100 man-hours per month on social media. Airport budgets for social media span from a few thousand dollars to more than $100,000.

98 percent of the airports surveyed have social media staff working across departments, with marketing as the most common cross-functional role. Airports are reaping benefits from social media metrics with the biggest reward being customer-centric data. For more information on the report, visit:

Thirdly, Here is the only Airport and Aircraft Bills are as follows:

96th General Assembly, 2nd Session
Bills Indexed by Subject
Bill Sponsor CoSponsor Bill String Date/Last Action
Bill Information
Hoskins, Denny
Kelly, Chris
HB 1431 5/2/2012 Placed on Informal Calendar
5331L.01P - Extends the expiration of the provisions regarding the sales tax exemption on the sale of aviation jet fuel and authorizes the City of Columbia to impose a transient guest tax
Leara, Mike
Zerr, Anne
HCS HB 1476 5/2/2012 Public Hearing Held (S)
5253H.04P - Establishes the Freight Forwarders Incentive Act to encourage foreign trade through the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
Richardson, Todd
SCS HB 1504 7/10/2012 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
5509S.03T - Changes the laws regarding sales taxes
Hoskins, Denny
HB 1909 7/12/2012 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
6173L.01T - Changes the laws regarding aircraft fuel, liens on aircraft, and anemometer towers
Munzlinger, Brian
SCS SB 491 4/5/2012 SCS Reported Do Pass (S)
4459S.03C - Modifies provisions pertaining to agriculture
Brown, Dan
SCS SB 566 7/12/2012 Vetoed by Governor (G)
4598S.05T - Requires owners of dogs and cats under suspicion of carrying rabies to provide documentation of vaccination or else surrender the animal
Dempsey, Tom
SB 597 1/26/2012 Second Read and Referred: Jobs, Economic Development, and Local Government (S)
4509S.02I - Changes the governance of the St. Louis International Airport
Parson, Mike
CCR CCS HCS SCS SB 631 7/9/2012 Approved by Governor (G)
5053S.05T - Exempts persons who purchase less than 50,000 bushels of grain a year from needing a grain dealer license
Keaveny, Joseph
SCS SB 666 3/26/2012 Senate Substitute Offered (S)
4032S.08C - Modifies provisions relating to the Large Carnivore Act and creates the Nonhuman Primate Act
Mayer, Robert
HCS SB 701 5/17/2012 Senate Requests House to Recede (S)
5487L.05C - Allows certain motor vehicles to drive on public highways with dyed fuel during states of emergencies
Parson, Mike
HCS SCS SB 726 5/17/2012 Senate Conference Committee Appointed (S)
5514H.04C - Modifies provisions relating to mortgage loan brokers making loans on manufactured homes
Pearce, David
SB 740 2/2/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
5685S.01I - Extends the aviation jet fuel sales and use tax exemption and expands the use of the Aviation Trust Fund
Kraus, Will
CCR CCS HCS SS SB 769 7/10/2012 Approved by Governor (G)
5671S.09T - Requires safety marking on certain anemometer towers
Munzlinger, Brian
SB 822 2/22/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
5940S.01I - Modifies a reference to the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority
Ridgeway, Luann
SB 841 2/27/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
6002S.01I - Allows farmers to sell up to 100 gallons of raw milk or cream per day at farmers markets
Purgason, Chuck
SB 850 2/28/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
5713S.01I - Prohibits sterilization and disposition of seized or confiscated animals until the outcome of charges against the animals' owner have been determined
Purgason, Chuck
SB 861 2/29/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
6044S.01I - Creates the Task Force on Government Continuity
Munzlinger, Brian
SCR 23 2/15/2012 Introduced and First Read (S)
5833S.01I - Urges Congress to further address the issue of allowing the interstate sale of state-inspected meat and poultry
18 Records
12/16/2012 7:06:35

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Remember, that as members of USPA, MPA, TPA, TXAA, NMPA, NPA, IPA, EAA, AOPA, or other pilot associations, which you may be a member, we have a powerful voice in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, or whatever state you may represent. Every group of taxpayers and pilots carries a strong voice to Washington, D.C. as well as at the state and local level. We need to learn how to use our voices, and speak up for general aviation.
So let us not forget how to exercise our rights and privileges, so we can continue to make a "Difference for General Aviation."


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