February 2001

GREETINGS! This is my Seventh Report to you as MPA Members. First, Here's some vital information from Washington, D.C. As the Clinton Administration was coming to a close, it continued its initiative to try to overhaul the U.S. Air Traffic Control System. In December, the President called for creation of a performance-based organization (PBO), under the auspices of FAA but operated as the Air Traffic Organization with an oversight board that is primarily non-aviation.

The new organization would be allowed to borrow money and to change commercial carriers according to market forces, not just the current ticket tax formula, and also allow for peak period pricing to control congestion.

Meanwhile, at New York's LaGuardia International Airport, officials at the airport and FAA were grapling with how to ease congestion, with FAA in December holding a lottery to assign 159 takeoff and landing slots. The move was intended as a stop-gap measure while officials consider how best to maintain aircraft movement at an airport recognized as one of the nation's worst for logjams. It also was in response to an overwhelming request for access following the removal of slots at LGA by way of the AIR-21 Legislation.

Here's the FY2001 Aviation Funding as approved by Congress and the President.

· $3.2 billion - Airport Improvement Program
· $6,5 billion - FAA Operations
· $2.6 billion - FAA Facilities & Equipment
· $184 million - Research, Engineering, & Development

Here is a Legislation Update on the State Level. I would like to discuss The Legislative Process in Missouri.

1. How Bills Become Laws.
2. Introduction of A Bill.
3. First And Second Readings
4. Public Hearings.

1. How Bills Become Laws. No law is passed except by bill. Bills may be introduced in the House or Senate, except appropriations bills, which by tradition originate in the House. No bill (except general appropriations bills) may contain more than one subject, which is to be expressed clearly in its title. No Bill can be amended in its passage through either house so as to change its original purpose. No Bill other than an appropriation bill can be introduced in either house after the 60TH legislative day of a session, unless consented to by a majority of the elected members of each house or requested by the Governor in a special meeting.

2. Introduction of A Bill. Members may prefile bills beginning December 1 preceding the opening of the General Assembly session. Bills prefiled are actually introduced on the first day of the session. Members may introduce bills through the 60TH legislative day of session.

3. First And Second Readings. When introduced a bill is assigned a number and read the first time by its number and title only by the House reading clerk. It then goes on the calendar for second reading; following second reading it is assigned to committee by the Speaker of the House.

4. Public Hearings. A public hearing before the committee to which a bill is assigned is the next in the legislative process. The bill is presented to the committee by its sponsor, and both proponents and opponents are generally heard in a single hearing. In the case of unusually controversial, complex or lengthy bills, several hearings may be held.

Here's a current listing of Missouri Bills regarding Aircraft & Airports. Please be sure to check SB 324. If you click on the Bill Number below it will open up a Summary of the Bill in a new window.

HB 436 - Sponsor: Merideth III, Denny J. - CoSponsor: Brittt, Phillip M.
The "Missouri Airport Protection Act" provides new airport safety regulation.
SB 324 - Sponsor: Childers, Doyle
Requires Transportation Commission to issue permits in order to erect structures which might impede airplane safety.
HB 93
- Sponsor: Gaskill, Sam
Regulates private, unpaid gubernatorial airplane flights and allows for private use of government planes by the Governor in certain conditions.
HB 571 - Sponsor: Dolan, Jonathan - CoSponsor: Lowe, Jenee' M.
Makes a donation to the TWA Flight 800 International Memorial in New York.
HB 647 - Sponsor: Hickey, John - CoSponsor: O'Connor, Patrick
Provides for disposition of certain property acquired by the public for airport purposes.
SB 421 - Sponsor: Gross, Charles
Includes within the Highway Patrol Motor Vehicle and aircraft Revolving Fund moneys for certain reimbursements.

Now, in Conclusion remember that All Members need to contact the House Transportation Committee Members by e-mail, letters, and follow-up with a phone call. You will find all the information by clicking on the links provided in last month's article. Also, all other information about HB 436 is there for your convenience.

More information next month.

Until Next Time!

Safe Flying!

Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
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