November 2011

GREETINGS! First, Here is an update from Washington, D.C. The FAA publishes a final rule updates to regulations that affect pilot, flight instructor, and flight-school certification. The rule allows pilot applicants to apply concurrently for a pilot certificate and an instrument rating, and permits flight schools to apply for a combined private pilot certification and instrument rating course. The rule also allows pilot schools to offer Internet-based training programs even if they don't have a physical grounding facility and revises the definition of "complex airplane" to include airplanes with full authority digital engine control.
Secondly, The FAA proposes a $1.1 million civil penalty against Aviation Technical Services, Inc. of Everett, WA for allegedly making improper repairs to 44 Southwest Airlines B-737-300s.
Thirdly, The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) applauds the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee for approving legislation (H.R. 2594) prohibiting U.S. participation in the European effort to limit and tax carbon emissions from civil aircraft.

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Remember, that as members of USPA, MPA, TPA, TXAA, NMPA, NPA, IPA, EAA, AOPA, or other pilot associations of which you may be a member, we have a powerful voice, in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, or whatever state you may represent. Every group of taxpayers and pilots carries a strong voice to Washington, D.C., as well as at the state and local level.
We need to learn how to use our voices, and speak up for general aviation.

So Let's not forget to exercise our privileges, and continue to make a "Difference for General Aviation."


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