SEPTEMBER 10, 2000


This is my Second Report to MPA Members. I have been in Contact with Brian Weiler, MoDOT Aviation Director, concerning our Missouri Legislative Priorities.

Here is what's facing us this coming Legislative Session concerning Aviation Issues.

1. Passage of the Missouri Airport Protection Act. (MAPA)

2. The extension of the Jet Fuel Sales Tax transfer to the State Aviation Trust Fund.
(This will expire in late 2003 unless renewed).

These are just two Aviation Issues facing us this Next State Legislative Session.
Many other House Bills, and Senate Bills will be introduced.
We need to be ready for this Real Battle Ahead of Us concerning Aviation Issues.

I have good news to report. The Highway and Transportation Commission approved these two top items to be on MoDOT's top Legislative Priority List for the next session. According to Brian Weiler this has not happened before. MoDOT's new Governmental Manager has promised he will work hard on these issues.

Click Here to see the Missouri House of Representatives Transportation Committee Members

Please check to see if any of these Representatives are your local representatives. Stay in close contact with them. They are key people and we need their support on Aviation Issues during the upcoming session.

Now, in conclusion, Remember we have a Real Battle Ahead of Us, concerning Missouri Aviation Issues, but remember, "Let's All Work Together." "United We Stand, Divided We Fall."

Safe Flying!

Larry G. Harmon
Legislation Chairman
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