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I believe that every newly elected MPA president has said to themselves at some time, "That's going to be a hard act to follow!" The fact is it is true. I have been in the MPA long enough to see presidents come and go, each leaving their mark after having put in an extraordinary effort to build the organization. Each has faced various challenges with the realization that they cannot do it alone. The strength of the MPA is in its communal efforts and in the activity of the members at chapter level and state board level.

It has been an education to see the board at work on behalf of the members. There is much that the state board does that often goes unnoticed by many members. That's OK. We don't work for the glory but for the love of aviation and for the desire to keep Missouri an aviation friendly state. To make an analogy, if the chapters are stones in a fortress wall, the state board is the mortar adding strength and holding it together. GA does face many adversaries, everything from blossoming cell towers near airports to many in the media who sensationalize the rare occurrence of an aircraft crash, to legislators who do not understand the true value of GA. You name it - there are many who are trying to chip away at that wall. The inevitable conclusion is that there is strength in unity. There is strength in numbers. We have unity and strength. We also have a voice. Let's make it be heard in the cause of GA in Missouri.

I look forward with both excitement and some trepidation to serving as MPA president. I also know that like others before me I cannot do it alone. Please share your ideas and wealth of knowledge so that we may all benefit. Feel free to contact me, or any of the board members. Better still come to a monthly board meeting to share your ideas and experience in small part what the state MPA board is all about.

Jonathan Rimington

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