Welcome! You are visiting the website of the Missouri Pilots Association. We are one of the oldest, largest and most active non-profit pilot organizations in the country.

We were founded in 1953 with many lofty goals. Chief among those was to promote continuing education and safety among our member pilots in Missouri. But, it has never been all work and no play for MoPilots. Our members meet monthly in one of our 12 chapters across the state for camaraderie, to listen to interesting speakers, and to plan future aviation events.

The members of the Missouri Pilots Association work closely with other aviation organizations across the country and in the state. We are the lead sponsor for State Aviation Day when pilots and non-pilots converge on Jefferson City to meet with our legislators. Our Educational Endowment Fund sponsors a scholarship for a teacher each year so that he/she is better equipped to integrate the various aspects of aviation into the curriculum. In short, we are known around the State of Missouri as the voice of General Aviation.

It makes no difference if you are not currently flying or log a lot of hours or, for that matter, have never flown. We encourage you to join our ranks. It's easy - just click the "Join MoPilots"

Bob Crandell

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