August 5, 2017
Annual Picnic
Smart Field

The Picnic is in place of our normal Wednesday Dinner Meeting.
New format this year. St Louis Chapter will provide meat and drinks with no fee. Everyone attending will bring a covered dish. More like a pot luck this year. Candy will need to know what dish you would like to bring so that we don't wind up with too much of one type of side dish.
Please call her by August 1st at 314 651-7097.

A number of people have already registered with Candy and signed up to bring:

Baked Beans Cucumbers Sliced Tomatoes
Potato Salad Fruit Cup Cakes
Brownies Ice Buns
Chip & Dip Popcorn machine with pop corn

Jacquelyn Zeitinger sent us a nice thank you for our chapter's donation to Wings of Hope in memory of
Bob Zeitinger who passed away in June. Bob has been a member since 1972. Jacquelyn wrote:

Thank you for your card and donation to Wings of Hope. Bob's love for flying had real meaning for him when he was flying someone that needed medical care. Bob helped set up the Shrine Missions with Wings of Hope when the Shriners were unable to supply transportation.