Wednesday, May 2nd

Join us at The Walnut Grill in Ellisville, 1386 Clarkson Clayton Center, which is on the opposite side of the road from the Mercy Facility on Clayton Road, just west of Clarkson Road. Order off the menu anytime after 6PM.

Visit their website: where you can check out their menu.

At the bottom of the page is "Loyal Indulgers". Put in your first name & email and get an email for a free appetizer or dessert.

Call or email Candy Stewart if you will be joining us:
314 651-7097 or
She needs to give a head count to The Walnut Grill so they know what room to reserve for us.

The speakers for May will be Jeremy Howard and Peter Seddon from St. Louis Approach will talk about the St. Louis TRACON operations and cover topics such as weather, what the controllers see on their scopes, and answer any questions you may have about flying in the St. Louis area. Jeremy has worked at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, St. Louis Lambert Airport, and St. Louis TRACON; and Peter has worked at Chicago O'Hare Tower, New York LaGuardia Tower, New York TRACON, and St. Louis TRACON.

FlyOut May 20th Sikeston MO

Lunch at Lamberts's Cafe
Please arrive at KSIK around 11 AM. Lamberts provides a shuttle.
Please let Bill Hamilton know if you are coming or not.

Bill Hamilton: (314) 283-1704