Pilot Discussion/Learning Session Topics:

These Pilot Discussion Sessions are sponsored by High Altitude Flying Co. and Gateway Flight Training LLC with support from Spirit Pilot Shop. Sessions are free to anyone with an interest in flying. Each session is designed to engage pilots in topic discussion with a moderator to direct the discussion. Pilots that are registered in the WINGS PROGRAM may receive the appropriate Wings Credits for attending these sessions.
VFR and IFR pilots share knowledge and experience.

TIME: 6:30 pm.


LOCATION: Creve Coeur Airport (1H0) 3127 Creve Coeur Mill Road, Maryland Heights, Mo. 63146

Spirit Pilot Shop: 636-530-9013

1-24-2012 Risk Management
2-07-2012 Winter operations
2-21-2012 Aircraft Systems
3-06-2012 Night Illusions
3-20-2012 Using VOR's
4-03-2012 Runway and Airport Markings and Signs
4-17-2012 Approach lights
5-01-2012 Cross Country planning
5-15-2012 Radio Communication Procedures
5-29-2012 Weather- Fronts