Missouri Pilots Association
Membership Application


Please print this form and mail it along with your check to:

Missouri Pilots Association
436 Still Creek Pass
St Louis MO 63011-4810

Name:____________________________ Name of Spouse_____________________


City_____________________________ State__________ Zip___________________

Home Phone (_____)_______________ Work Phone (_____)_____________________

(If you do not want your phone number(s) in our Member's Directory put in 000-0000)

E-Mail Address (optional)_________________________________________________

There are 12 Chapters of the MPA. This form will make you a member of the St Louis Chapter.
If you are not in the St Louis area and wish to be a member of a Chapter closer to your home,
simply put an "X" here ____ and we will pick the Chapter that is closest to your home.
Membership can easily be changed from one Chapter to another. As a member of a Chapter
you will receive their Meeting Notices once a month. You will also receive the
MPA News
which lists the activities of all the Chapters.

You and/or your spouse do not have to be pilots to join the MPA.
Membership is open to all who enjoy aviation.

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