April 7th

Dr. Wes Stricker will be the guest speaker at our meeting on Wednesday, April 7, 1999. Dr. Stricker practices in Central Missouri and is well known in aviation circles for his participation in the Greenland Ice Cap Expedition to extract one of eight P-38s from the ice cap (see the photo above to see what eight P-38s look like). Wes has recently started an airline out of Columbia, Missouri, holds an ATP rating and owns airplanes from World War II to modern jets.

Please join us at the Greenbriar Country Club, 12665 Big Bend Boulevard. The evening starts at 6:00 PM for social hour, 7:00 PM dinner and at 8:00 PM Dr. Wes Stricker will speak. Reservations are required. Please call Sue Smith 274-3663 or Donna Crandell 382-2923.

April 8th

Thanks to all members who attended the April 7th meeting. If you weren't there you missed a very interesting presentation.

We have been invited to tour the facilities where the P-38 , now named "Glacier Girl", is being restored to flying condition. It is being restored at Middlesboro Airport (1A6) in Kentucky. The bad news is that 1A6 is 350nm from SUS so it may not be a candidate for a Sunday Fly-Out -- but we will see.

But why wait?
You can visit right now.
Just click on the door and enter the Museum! (You'll be leaving the MPA Web Site - You did bookmark our site to get back, didn't you?)

If you prefer to watch about it on TV check out the next item.

April 12th

The Lost Squadron: KETC, Channel 9, is airing a 1/2 hour special about "Glacier Girl". The special will follow the team of explorers to the Greenland ice cap and back to the U S to witness the painstaking reassembly and renovation of one of the eight P-38's that had to crash land after runing out of fuel on July 15, 1942 along with two B-17's. Watch or set your VCRs to Channel 9 at 9:30PM or for the repeat broadcast on April 14th at 4:30AM.

April 18th

April Fly-Out – Sunday, April 18, fly-out to Maple City USA, aka Monmouth IL, just 136 nm north of SUS (postponed from March). The Monmouth Municipal Airport is billed as the "longest" continuously running airport in Illinois." It was in Monmouth that some of the early barnstormers got their wings and took to the skies in their biplanes. They say this was one of Lindy’s U S Mail stops.

The owners of Meling’s Restaurant, who are members of the Monmouth Flying Club, love to have pilots drop in. They will pick us up at the airport and drive us the short distance to town. Naturally we will have lunch at Meling’s. You may want to pass up their fabulous desserts to save room for a visit to the Old Time Soda Fountain Store.

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp, of OK Corral fame, was born in Monmouth. His birthplace has been restored and is furnished with late 1800s period furniture and memorabilia. The current owners, Bob & Melba Matson, will be out guides.

We may want to stop at Western Stoneware’s Factory Outlet, collector’s paradise, and the Maple City Candy Company (three floors of unique candies and gifts. If you’re interested in antiques, there are a number of Antique Craft & Collectible Shops in Monmouth.

If the weather is not VFR we will do something locally so don’t let gray clouds keep you at home. Plan to meet at JetCorp at 00830. Don’t have a plane? We have extra seats so there is no reason for you to be grounded.

Please sign up early. Call Richard Baricko at 405-0142 or sign up at the April 7th meeting.

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The KC Chapter e-mailed us a copy of their March Newsletter in Word format. We posted it as part of our March Meeting Notice. (there is a link to it at the bottom of the March web page). We have posted their April Newsletter below.

We already post Fred harm’s monthly Safety Newsletter which gets published on the web month's before it is printed in the MPA News.

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