February 4th

Roy Caton will be our guest speaker. Roy started flying in 1974 when he learned to fly hang gliders. Hang gliding in turn gave him exposure to ballooning, which led Roy and his cousin to buy their own balloon. The first three years were spent flying for fun and accruing enough hours to qualify for a job as a professional balloon pilot. In 1982 he started his career as a full time pilot for The Balloon Inc., soon to become the largest corporate balloon company in the country.

In the last 21 years Caton has traveled through all 48 continental states and Canada, and flown in most of those. In that time he has driven over one million miles and flown more than 2000 hours. Almost half of those hours have been in special shape balloons. One of his most memorable flights was a flight to 22,000.

1998 saw the addition of a fixed wing rating to his pilot certificate, a move he feels has improved his overall abilities as a balloon pilot. He is one of the founders of "Flying Logos", a corporate balloon program which represents such companies as United Van Lines and Energizer batteries.

Social Hour at 1800; Dinner at 1900; Roy will make his presentation at 2000. Reservations are needed. Please call Barb Lane at 636-391-2668 by Monday, February 2nd or send an email to RSVP@MoPilots.US.

(Have a present you don't know what to do with it? Bring it to the Meeting

and donate it to our 50/50. You'll get 3 free tickets for each item donated.)

Click for Location of the Greenbriar Country Club.

February 22nd

February's flyout is to Decatur (DEC) at the Main Hangar whose big windows face the runway. Plan to arrive DEC at 1100 and enjoy Brunch as well as the aircraft models, etc. that decorate the restaurant.

Contact Carol at 636-458-2529 or Carol@MoPilots.US by February 18 so she can arrange to have an area set aside for us.

Name Tags

Name Tags on sturdy heavy plastic that can be worn with a clip or lanyard are now available for $5. They are in full color and very durable since the graphics are imbedded in the plastic vs. being printed on the plastic. You can even use them as ice scrapers! To order call Barb at 636-391-2668 or email Barb@MoPilots.us