Wednesday, February 6th

Come to our February 6th meeting and meet Cindy Pilling. She will share with us what this experience taught her and all the things that you don't think of when you challenge yourself this way. Like all of the things that are required, how you handle the decision making, and what other long-time competitors were like.

Cindy started flying in 2002. She holds a Private Certificate with an IFR rating. She is a software engineer consultant with Aurora Systems on-site with MasterCard. Before flying in the Air Race Classic, her longest flight trip was with her friend Evelyn to St. Petersburg, FL where they purchased a 1978 Cessna 182 RG, 199TX. The affectionate name of the plane is Trixie. Since then, Cindy, Evelyn and Trixie have made numerous local flights, and trained for the Air Race.

Our private room opens up at 1800 with Dinner ($18/person) being served at 1900. Cindy will make his presentation at 2000.

Please, please call Candy Stewart before February 1st at 314-314-651-7097 or send an eMail to Feb@MoPilots.US so that we can give an accurate count to Sunset Lakes Banquet Center.

Don't forget, we are now meeting at Sunset Lakes Banquet Center, 13366 W Watson Road, Sappington, MO 63127. For door-to-door driving directions Click Here.

Sunday, February 3rd

The February flyout will be on Sunday, February 3, 2008 to Mattoon Coles County Memorial airport (MTO). The restaurant on the field is Airport Steak House. They do accept credit cards and cash but no checks.

Please plan on your arrival by 11:30

Please let Sue Smith know if you will be joining us. Don't have wings? Sue will arrange for you to fly with one of our members. Either send her an eMail or call her at 636 274-3663.

Click this envelope to send an e-mail to Sue

Wednesday, February 20th

The 2008 State Aviation Day reception will be held at the Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM on February 20, 2008. This will include heavy hors oeuvres, Missouri wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. This will be a great setting for members to meet with some of our legislators and share with each other the earlier meetings with their own legislators.

Names and addresses of all members planning to attend needs to by submitted to Hubert Looney before February 10, 2008. Call him at 314 831-6336.

Plan on being a part of this exciting event! Last year's Aviation Day was very successful, let's keep that going! Put February 20th on your calendar and plan to spend it in Jefferson City!

Glancing Back - For those of you who might have missed our January meeting - we enjoyed a great presentation by Jim Morris who shared with us the challenges of flying in, around and thru Hurricanes! We enjoyed a great lunch and also got to hear the most up to date information on MO Aviation Day from Carolyn Morris, Aviation Day Chairman.

And on January 12th 6 pilots and 4 airplanes took advantage of a beautiful, crisp winter day and flew to Baldwin Field (UIN) Quincy, IL. Lunch was enjoyed at "Tailwinds", the on-field restaurant. A good time was had by all, including the waitress. Despite all our best efforts to confuse her, she took it all in stride and even offered to take a picture. Bill & Sue Smith, Mark & Carol Weber and Richard Baricko were already in high spirits as they welcomed Chris Erkmann to the festivities. Chris arrived a little late as he had to wait for his airplane to be signed off for its annual inspection. After admiring each others airplanes on the flight line, everyone departed the field and arrived home safely.

And on a sadder note...

MPA mourns the passing of dear friend and long time MPA member Rosemarie Heath on December 26. She was 77 years old. Rosemarie is survived by her husband Russell, 3 children and 5 grandchildren. A gracious and loving wife, mother, grandmother and friend, Rosemarie was active in the St. Louis Chapter until the very end. Her warmth, gentle humor and sparkling personality will be greatly missed. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Russ and her family.

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