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Feburary 3rd

Larry Barklage, who was our guest speaker in 1997 when he returned to St Louis to take over as Manager of the St Louis Flight Standards District Office, is making a return engagement.
Larry's topic will be "A Tale of Two Trips". He will take us on two flights. One will be a 60's flight and the other will be one taken today. He will comparing the safety issues of the two flights. It should be interesting for the newer pilots in our organization to see what their flight would have been like in the 60's. We encourage all of our members who were flying in the 60's, if not today, to join us. Although the focus will be on safety Larry promises to bring along his sense of humor.
We will be meeting back at the Greenbriar after having an enjoyable luncheon meeting at the 94th Aero Squadron in January when the Greenbriar was closed.
Bette & Dick will be off to Florida but their good friends Jill & Ron will take over as our sponsor at the Greenbriar.
Reservations are required. Please call Donna at 382-3923 or Barbara at 391-2668. We need items for our 50/50 so please look around your house for something that you may not need anymore but would be a treasure for someone else. You will be making a donation for a good cause. Thank you.

February 14th

This will be a fly-out to the 13th Annual Chocolate Festival in Galesburg IL.
Don't like Chocolate or just want to walk off the calories?

Click here to see what else you can do in Galesburg.
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Jerry will have more info at our meeting at the Greenbriar. You can sign up for the fly-out at the meeting or call him at 727-3832. Be sure to be at JetCorp at 0830 even if the weather is not VFR -- we will still have a local activity (by car!) so don't stay home.

August 14th

Yes, August 14th! We have 50 tickets for the Cardinals/Cubs game on Saturday afternoon. The tickets cost $16 each -- they are in the loge reserved section under cover (hopefully from the sun and not the rain). The tickets will be sold at our meeting on February 3rd and since the number of tickets is limited we will have to limit four to a family. Arrive early to get them, first come, first served.

"May Day"