Dear St. Louis Chapter MPA Members:

For many years we have enjoyed gracious dining in elegant surroundings at the Greenbriar Hills Country Club. The facility suits our needs perfectly as we can enjoy a social hour, dinner, and program all in one spacious and stylish room, with a well trained and courteous staff attending to our every need. The dinners have always been delicious, with a spectacular dessert as the grand finale. All of this for a price well below what similar services would cost us elsewhere.

Recently, I have been informed by the management of Greenbriar that our numbers have dwindled to a level to where they can no longer provide the above mentioned services for the price they have been charging us, and still turn a profit. With average attendance around 30 persons, this is understandable from their point of view. In order to remain at this facility, they are requiring a minimum attendance of 40 persons. If we cannot achieve this level of attendance we will either have to pay Greenbriar for that number of dinners from our treasury (probably not a fiscally responsible option), raise the price substantially that we charge our members to cover the shortfall, or, regrettably, find another venue to host our meetings.

The purpose of this letter is, first, to inform our members of the situation, and second, to implore all of you to make every effort possible to attend meetings at Greenbriar on a regular basis so we can keep our numbers at an acceptable level. I am convinced that the dinner, program, and fellowship we currently enjoy at Greenbriar can not be replicated elsewhere; certainly not at the bargain price we are now paying. The Board of Directors is unanimous in their desire to keep our meetings at Greenbriar. But we need your help. We are asking that you not only attend the dinner meetings at Greenbriar whenever possible, we are also asking that you invite a friend or colleague as well. This will not only raise our numbers to the level that will satisfy the managementís needs, it will also increase the fellowship and camaraderie we enjoy as part of the Missouri Pilots Association. Itís a win-win for everyone! You can make your reservations easily by responding to RSVP@MoPilots.US.
Or call 636-458-2529.

If you wish to discuss this further, or have any questions or comments regarding this issue, please feel free to call me at the phone number above or email me at Carol@MoPilots.US

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing you at the June 7 meeting.

If we do not have a valid email address for you we are sending this to you via first class mail. I would greatly appreciate if you would submit your email address to INFO@MoPilots.US It will be kept confidential and allow us to keep in touch on important matters more cost effectively.

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing you at the June 7 meeting and the August 5 picnic at Washington Airport (MO6).

Do to the proximity of the July 4 holiday we are not having a July dinner meeting.

Carol Weber

President, St. Louis Chapter MPA