Wednesday, July 2nd

Behind the Scenes at the Saint Louis County AirShow

Our speakers for this month will be Laura Bissonnette, AirShow Chairman, and Phil Bissonnette, AirShow Vice Chairman - Operations. The hard work for the Labor Day AirShow actually begins before Christmas. Laura will provide personal information about her behind the scene duties that start in December and get more hectic as the year progresses. Phil, who runs the JetCorp FBO (now JetDirect), will fill you in on the many operational obsticals that he had to overcome over the years so that over the Labor Day weekend everything worked like clockwork.

Our private room opens up at 1800 with Dinner ($18/person) being served at 1900. Laura & Phil will provide a very informative presentation at 2000.

Please, please call Candy Stewart by June 27th at 314-651-7097 so that we can give an accurate count to Sunset Lakes Banquet Center.

Don't forget, we are now meeting at Sunset Lakes Banquet Center, 13366 W Watson Road, Sappington, MO 63127. For door-to-door driving directions Click Here.

Saturday, June 28th

Hopefully the weather in June will be better than it was in May.
The June Fly Out will be held on Saturday, June 28th to Fulton, MO (FTT). We'll have an early lunch at a really good restaurant named Beks. Then take our rental transportation to the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library located on the campus of Westminster College. This is the site of Churchill's famous Iron Curtain speech. The memorial was founded in 1969 to honor the life and legacy of one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. It is housed within the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, a 12th century church, redesigned by Sir Christopher Wren in 1677. The church was relocated to Fulton from the middle of London. Cost: Adults - $6.00, seniors, AAA, AARP - $5.00.

Since we will be leaving from the airport and need transportation, it is definitely necessary to know how many people we will have join us. Please plan your arrival by 1100 since we will have lunch at 1130 before going to the Winston Churchill Memorial. Let Sue Smith know if you will be joining us. Call her at 636 274.3663 or send her an email.

Click this envelope to send an e-mail to Sue

Saturday, June 28th

The July Flyout will be to Sergio's at Marion Williamson County Regional Airport (MWA) in Marion IL on Saturday July 19, 2008.

Plan your arrival for 11:30 AM. Please let Sue Smith know if you can join us by calling her at 636-274-3663 or her cell at 314-570-6641, but remember her cell doesn't work at home, so try home first then cell.

Saturday, August 2nd

Mark your calendars!
It's time for the famous Annual St. Louis Chapter Picnic!
Washington MO Regional Airport (MO6) is the place!
12 Noon is the time!
Fly In or Drive In - See YOU there!

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