Wednesday, June 6th

Our speaker for this month is Steve King. (No, not the horror fiction writer!) Steve is a private pilot from England. He has experienced some flying here in the States and will speak to us about the difference between flying here and in England.

Steve King is a lifelong London, England resident--until two weeks ago! He has been flying in Britain since 1986 and is a British private pilot with instrument and night ratings (which are separate in the UK). He is the previous past Chairman of his flying club at historic Biggin Hill Airport, in the London suburbs, which was significant in WWII. While we might fly to Sikeston for lunch, Steve has often flown for lunch to France or Belguim, and he might tell us about those trips. By trade, he is a computer aided drafting technician for civil engineers--and will be looking for a job as soon as he marries CPS's own Diane Earhart. When he worked for the British Civil Service he designed military and civil airfields, significantly rebuilding and upgrading the airfield in the Faulkland Islands in 1983-84 following the war.

Our private room opens up at 1800 with Dinner ($18/person) being served at 1900. Steve will make his presentation at 2000.

Annual Election of Officers will take place at the June 6th meeting. The Nominating Committee has submitted the following slate of officers: President: Hubert Looney; Vice President: Ken Gleich; Treasurer: Candy Stewart; Secretary: Barb Lane; Board Members: Carol Weber, Jo Ann Johnson, Richard Baricko, Gary Johnson, Sue Smith.

Please, please call Candy Stewart before May 31st at 314-842-1720 or send an eMail to Meeting@MoPilots.US so that we can give an accurate count to Sunset Lakes Banquet Center.

Sunset Lakes Banquet Center, 13366 W Watson Road, Sappington, MO 63127.

For door-to-door driving directions Click Here.

June 22-24

Do you need another good excuse for some fun? The MPA's 53rd Annual Convention will be held at St. Joseph, MO hosted by the Pony Express Chapter. Click Here for details.

Note: Going to the Annual Convention will be our June fly-out.

July 11th

Since our normal meeting date - the first Wednesday of the month - falls on the 4th of July our July Meeting will be on the second Wednesday, July 11th.

Saturday August 4th

Mark you calendars for our Annual Saturday BBQ in August at Washington Airport. It's always a great time so join us there, and bring along a guest.

Sanborn Map Company, based as Spirit Airport, has an opening for a pilot position for a twin engine and single engine aircraft. Click on their logo for details.

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