March 7th

Our March speaker will be William Florich. He is the managing director and secretary of The Parx Foundation, the developer of The Parks Aerospace Center. The center is planned to include an education center, library, museum, restoration shops, theme park, aerospace camp and old town square. The center is to be built on the original campus of Parks Air College in Cahokia IL.

Architectural design and engineering work began in November 2000. The architects, Peckham, Guyton, Albers & Viets Inc., and their analysts have already started the concept design, market study, feasibility study, project review, and site work design and engineering. They estimate the Parks Aerospace Center could attract up to one-and-half million paying visitors per year. Construction is planned to begin in mid-2001. The grand opening is scheduled for December 17, 2003 with a grand party and the launch of a 1903 Wright Flyer replica to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the original Wright Brothers' flight. The theme park is scheduled to open to the public in the spring of 2004.

Social at 6PM, Dinner ($15) at 7PM, Speaker at 8PM. Reservations are required. Call Ron Hyken at 636 530-7651 before noon Monday, March 5th.

Click for additional details about the Parx-Aerospace Center.

March 14th

Be sure to mark you calendar for March 14th. Click on the picture for details.

March 17th

How about treating yourself to a nice book or video on St Patrick's Day? You are on line so you must shop on line, right? Well, how would you like to order something right now and help out your chapter? How? Click on the Amazon Link below. If you decide to order something after clicking on their logo your chapter will receive part of the proceeds. How much? Five to fifteen percent of what you spend. But in order for us to receive a fee from Amazon you must go to their website through our website. If you like what they have to offer do not bookmark their web page! You must use your chapter's link to Amazon for us to receive any funds. If this program is successful we will put a link on our Newsletter pages. Thank you.

March 18th

Fly-Out to Rantoul IL (2I5) for Lunch and to visit the Octave Chanute Air Museum. Gather at JetCorp at 10:00 for a organizational briefing and depart for 2I5 by 1030. What's at the museum? Click the photo find out.

April 22nd flyout will be to Sikeston. It is Tammy's birthday and Jaime wants to take her to Lamberts, home of the throwed rolls. May flyout will be to Kentucky Dam State Park. June flyout will be to Meigs.

Please contact Jaime at or 314-352-3983 if you are going and with available seating in your plane. Reservations are much easier with a head count! Additional flyout ideas & input needed please! Poker run?, Zenair kitplane factory, Branson, Bolivar for breakfast, Springfield to Pro Bass, Madelaine Island WI, Anchorage, Florida, Canada!!! Fly with your 'Flying club'!

May 12th

Youth Day at Spirit Airport. EAA Chapter 32 plans to fly about 300 students between the ages of 8 and 17. There will also be some 20 displays set up in Thunder Aviation's new large hangar. The new Flight Service Station will provide tours of their facilities. There will be several aircraft on Static Display. Pepsi is providing their Pepsi-Wagon which will have free hot dogs and soda for the students and volunteers. Speaking of volunteers... they are needed to help with Registration, Transport the students to and from the Flight Service Station using a 15 passanger van, Serve the hot dogs & soda, making sure only the pilots flying the Young Eagles are the ones who get the fuel from the designated fuel trucks, etc. Why not join us and have a great time helping out for the day or part of the day?