Wednesday, May 7th

Our speaker for this month will be Rob Zust, Airline Pilot with Trans States Airlines. Trans States is the fifth largest independent (privately held) regional airlines in the United States. Founded in 1982 as Resort Air, the company has positioned itself to be a quality regional feeder airline for American Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways. Trans States has a fleet of 48 regional jets, with 2000 aviation professionals nationwide. They fly over 300 flights daily to 46 cities carrying over 3.4 million passengers annually. Come and hear from Rob how he became an airline pilot with them.

Our private room opens up at 1800 with Dinner ($18/person) being served at 1900. Rob's presentation will be at 2000.

Please, please call Candy Stewart before May 2nd at 314-314-651-7097 or send an eMail to May@MoPilots.US so that we can give an accurate count to Sunset Lakes Banquet Center.

Don't forget, we are now meeting at Sunset Lakes Banquet Center, 13366 W Watson Road, Sappington, MO 63127. For door-to-door driving directions Click Here.

Sunday, April 27th

Join us for our March Fly-Out to Cape Girardeau (CGI). We will be checking out the new restaurant that has opened at CGI: The Drop Zone.

Please plan on your arrival by 11:30

Please let Sue Smith know if you will be joining us. Don't have wings? Sue will arrange for you to fly with one of our members. Either send her an eMail or call her at 636 274-3663.

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We are planning the May flyout early so you can mark your calendar now! The May Fly Out will be held on Saturday, May 3, 2008 to Fulton, MO (FTT). We'll have an early lunch at a really good restaurant named Beks. Then take our rental transportation to the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library located on the campus of Westminster College. This is the site of Churchill's famous Iron Curtain speech. The memorial was founded in 1969 to honor the life and legacy of one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. It is housed within the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, a 12th century church, redesigned by Sir Christopher Wren in 1677. The church was relocated to Fulton from the middle of London. Cost: Adults - $6.00, seniors, AAA, AARP - $5.00.

Since we will be leaving from the airport and need transportation, it is definitely necessary to know how many people we will have join us. Please plan your arrival by 1100 since we will have lunch at 1130 before going to the Winston Churchill Memorial. Let Sue Smith know if you will be joining us. Call her at 636 274.3663 or send her an email.

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Did you miss our Impromptu Fly Out?

Saturday, April 5th did not dawn as a promising day for an impromptu fly out. Ceilings were low, visibilities were at a minimum, and freezing fog was reported at Jefferson City Memorial Airport. Nevertheless, 10 intrepid St. Louis chapter aviators, family and friends waited out the weather, and by 1600Z, conditions had improved sufficiently to make a quick jaunt to JEF airport's Nick's Family restaurant for an MPA only brunch. St. Louis chapter president Hubert Looney led the charge, along with Mike Young, Mark & Carol Weber, Sue Smith, Art Stewart and his grandson Bradley, Chris Erkmann and 2 of his friends.
The occasion was perfectly timed for pilots to experience the newly refurbished and expanded alpha taxiway at JEF. (No more taxing to the ramp using 9-27 as a taxiway. Love to see those aviation gas tax dollars at work!) Members from across the state gathered to enjoy Nick's famous fried chicken and each other's camaraderie.
Stomachs were not the only thing bloated as each aviator tried to outdo the next with their recitations of aviation experiences both humorous and hair rising. Waitresses and busboys hustled to keep the large and boisterous gathering supplied with steaming platters of chicken, mashed potatoes, country fried ham, and all the fixings.
By early afternoon we were back in the air for the flight home. Hard to believe such an unpromising start to the day would culminate in perfect weather. Like my grandmother used to say, if you don't like the weather in St. Louis, wait 15 minutes!
A special thanks to Bob Morgan, from JEF airport for organizing the event, and the staff of Nick's for opening their restaurant on a Saturday exclusively for the Missouri Pilots Association.
Submitted by Carol Weber

HELP NEEDED The St. Louis Chapter of the MPA is looking for nominees for President, Vice President and Board members for the 2008-2009 year. We need more participation from the membership and ask that you volunteer to serve the organization which has served you so well the past many years. Please contact Barbara Lane at 636-391-2668 if you have any questions and also to volunteer.

May 15-18, 2008

You won't want to miss the MPA Annual meeting! Fun things are planned including a Lunch Cruise on the Lake Queen and the Annual Meeting Awards Luncheon with special guest speaker Country & Western Star (and Pilot) Mickey Gilley!

For more information & registration forms see the website:
www.mopilots.org or the USPA website www.uspilots.org - Or look in the state newsletter.

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