May 5th

The Air Force comes to the rescue! USMC Colonel Peter Briggs has been called out of town to work on the space shuttle project. Colonel Mike Riley USAF (Ret), who was going to be a guest speaker later on this year, will be our guest speaker on May 5th.

Mike Riley has flown all of the famous "Century Series" aircraft: F-100 "Super Sabre", F-101 "Voodoo", F-102 "Delta Dagger", F-104 "Starfigher", F-105 "Thud", F-106 Delta Dart", etc. The last aircraft he flew was the F-15. Prior to that he not only flew the F-4 "Phantom" but was qualified to land the F-4 on the Navy's aircraft carrier. We don't hear much -- if anything -- about Air Force pilots being trained to land on aircraft carriers. You can hear about it at our meeting.

Finally, if you check for fingerprints in the cockpit of the Voodoo that is at Spirit Airport (see above photo) you'll find Mike's. Of his 6,000 hours in high performance jets, some of them were in the very same Voodoo that sits at Spirit. He is also one of us in that he has some 900 hours in General Aviation aircraft.

Join us in welcoming Mike and his wife Judy at the Greenbriar Country Club, 12665 Big Bend Boulevard, just west of I-270. Social Hour is at 1800, Dinner at 1900 and Mike will give his presentation at 2000. Reservations are required. Please call Donna at 382-3923 or Sue at 274-3663.

May 12th

Gateway Chapter's Monthly Meeting. Major Ray Myers, who is the CAP Squadron Commander, will talke about CAP's Search & Rescue Operations. Dinner of roast beef au jus at 1900 following their social hour. Location is The Columns Banquet Center just across the river. Call Jean Murry at 469-3541 to make your reservation or pay an extra $2 at the door.

May 15th

Safety Seminar at St Clair Regional (K39): "Giving & Getting a Good Flight Review & Flight Services", 1200 to 1400. Food and Activities at the airport both days.

May 22nd

Rain Date May 23rd

Fly-Out to Pinckneyville (PJY) on Saturday unless the weather is not VFR in which case we will fly out on Sunday. This is Pinckneyville's Third Annual "Mini-Osh" Fly-In. It runs the full weekend. Our friends from EAA Chapter 32 plan to fly in on Saturday which is why we chose Saturday plus having a rain date option. If you are flying in for just one day a fee of $10 per person will be collected when you land. The fee covers your breakfast, lunch, dinner & beverages. If you would like to make it a three day affair, here is a $20/person advance fly-in registration fee ($25 if you pay when you land). The fee covers your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for all three days. A good portion of the food and beverages are donated which is why they can provide three meals a day for such a reasonable fee. PJY is only 73nm from SUS so you just may want to take advantage of having breakfast at PJY. We will all return individually so you can decide how late you want to stay. Let's all wear our MPA caps and show our colors. Send us an e-mail if you would like to join us or sign up at our May 5th Meeting. For addition information visit the Fly-In's web site.

Send us an e-mail if you will join us:

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May 26th

Kansas City Chapter's Monthy Meeting. Details are published in the K C Flyer, their monthy newsletter. Click here to read the K C Flyer

Memorial Day Weekend

AirShow at COU during the Memorial Day Weekend. Thunderbirds, F-16 Demo Team, A-10 Demo Team, F/A-18 Demo Team, North American Aerobatic Team, Warbirds, etc. The Thunderbirds are a last minute addition to the AirShow. They were originally scheduled to perform at RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom but had to cancel. Due to the large crowds that are expected we have been advised that you shouldn't try to fly-in. You can fly-in to JEF and take the shuttle to COU ($2 round trip).
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Thunderbirds Update: They may not appear. Click here for the bad news

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"May Day"