October 3rd

Jim Dauphin, who has been with FedEx since 1974 will be our guest speaker. He is one of the original employees from the start up of FedEx. Among other duties over his long career he has logged over 3,000 hours as a flight crew member flying mail using a Falcon 20. Prior to coming to FedEx he was in the Air Force. A Vietnam Veteran, Jim was a Public Affairs Officer writing news releases, interviewing VIP's both civilians and military Generals. He also did a lot of aerial and still photography for the Air Force. He was in the Civil Air Patrol in St Louis holding the rank of Major, serving as the Director of Programs, Director of Cadets, Aerospace Education Officer, and Public Affairs Officer. Jim and his wife Dianna recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. One of their two children, their son Eric, is an Army Blackhawk helicopter pilot and Flight Instructor in the U S Army.

Location: Greenbriar Country Club on Big Bend just west of I-270. Social at 1800, Dinner at 1900.
(Click here for a map.)
Reservations are required. Please call Gary Johnson at 314-965-1789 by noon October 1.

Important notice to members: As of the October meeting dinner will cost $16. The Greenbriar has not raised its price. Greenbriar charges us $14.95 per meal and $30 for bar set up. Free meals are 1 or 2 depending on whether the speaker brings a guest. The actual cost per meal varies depending on how many members we have at the dinner and whether or not the speaker brings a guest. Using the August meeting as an example, Greenbriar charged us $523.35 for dinner and bar. We collected $480 from 32 members and received $36 from 50/50 - for a total of $516. Leaving us with a deficit of $7.35, or $16.35 per dinner.

Please, please help by donating items for our 50/50.
One member has already donated a brand new 3x5-foot flag/pole set.
Don't you have an item that you can donate?

Thanks to our members who volunteered to help at the St Louis Fair & AirShow. We hope you, as well as others, will be there next year when the Blue Angels return. On the Static Ramp: Dick Wilbers, Skip Culver, Jo Ann & Gary Johnson, Art & Candy Stewart, Jaime & Tammy Dant. And a special thank you to Jim Byrnes and Mary from the Gateway Chapter. On the Hot Ramp: Barb & Gene Lane, Diane Kelly, Mike & Laura Young, Bill & Sue Smith, Bruce Ballew, Arnold Zimmerman, Ron Hyken, Bob Crandell, Doug Rajski, Chuck Kessler, Jaime Dant, Dick Wilbers.

October 17th
Safety Seminar
(Canceled - might be rescheduled)

Our chapter is sponsoring the FAA safety seminar at Thunder Aviation, Hangar 3, Spirit Airport on October 17 from 1900-2100. The FAA Central Region Runway Safety Team will be conducting a meeting to review what they have found during their evaluation of safety issues at Spirit. The team is made-up of representatives from the various divisions of the FAA, including Airports, Airways Facilities, Air Traffic Control, and Flight Standards. Representatives from the Spirit Air Traffic Control Tower and the Airport will be participating in the meeting. In addition to reporting their findings, the Runway Safety Team is very anxious to hear the concerns from people who operate from the airport. The main thrust of the meetings which have been conducted throughout the Region, is to identify and mitigate safety problems and have a positive effect on the reduction of runway incursions and airport safety issues.

We should strongly support our members' attendance at this event.
We think there will probably be about 200+ pilots in attendance.
This Safety Seminar qualifies for the Wings Program.

October 24th
Lt Viktor Belenko

The St Charles Rotary has scheduled a presentation by Lt Viktor Belenko, the pilot who defected to Japan some years ago with a MIG-25. He remains in the states and speaks now and then, providing a very informative talk. The event is being held at The Columns in St Charles on Wednesday Oct 24th at 6:30PM cash bar and 7:00PM dinner. Pat Lang is president of the St Charles Rotary and is sponsoring this event. Tickets are $15.00 advance and $18.00 at the door. Pat can be contacted at 636-949-9885.

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October 28th
Annual Wine Tour if permitted by NHTSA *

Join us for an autumnal tradition on the MPA St. Louis Chapter Fall Wine Tour. We'll meet at 12 Noon at the JetCorp terminal lobby for an ETD of 1215, visit a number of the delightful wineries along scenic Highway 94 for a sampling of their wares and enjoy a tasty mid-afternoon repast in a quaint village eatery. For more information, contact Mike Young at 314-781-1942.

* Due to the fatal Greyhound bus crash resulting from a deranged passenger slashing the driver's throat, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has prohibited the use of all private automobiles within 2 miles of any interstate highway. This region shall henceforth be known as "enhanced freeways", and need to stay open for buses, 18-wheelers, and taxicabs.

There is no way to determine that these private vehicles are being driven by authorized personnel with legitimate payloads. It is also impossible to accurately establish the intent of vehicles en-route and monitor their movements to ensure that they are not departing from their intended paths. Security officials want to know where vehicles are coming from and where they are going. It is also difficult to determine the destructive capability of the vehicle based on size, fuel capacity and payload.

However, student drivers with valid learner's permits may drive anywhere, anytime.

October 27th
Fly-Out to Dexter (DXE) might be Student Pilots Only

The Hickory Restaurant in Dexter is famous for its awesome ribs; you'll want to bring some home.
ETD: 1100 from JetCorp. Costumes encouraged but not required. Call Jaime at 314-352-3983.

A new feature of our newsletter will be a brief biography of a member of our chapter.

Betty Lutz became a co-pilot in 1943 when she married private pilot, Harold Lutz. They have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 4+ great grandchildren. The kids keep Betty busy, but she also finds time to handle the bookwork for her son's business. Betty is Historian for the St. Louis Chapter of MPA, a job she has held for many years. Anyone who would like to see some of the many pictures she has collected over the years needs only to let her know and she will bring some of her albums to the monthly meetings. She has also been the recipient of the Co-Pilot of the Year Award from the St. Louis Chapter.

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