September 1-4

St Louis County Fair & AirShow at Spirit Airport.

In the Air

On the Ground

St Louis Parachute Club Lone Star's B-17 C-9
Red Barons - Multi-ship Stearman Bi-Planes CAF's B-25 C-21
Pepsi Aerial Entertainers - Super Chipmunk C-54 Spirit of Freedom S-3B
Pepsi Aerial entertainers - Night Pyro Aircraft C-119 Connie T-38
Bud Light Sukhoi - Gerry Molidor Ozark DC-3 T-45
Bud Ligh MicroJet - BD-5J Meyers OTW F-15
Navy Blue Angels FedEx 727 T-1
F-15 West Coast Demo Team T-28 Trojan HH-60
AV-8B Harrier TBM Avenger F-16
B-1B Lancer L-39 Albatross A-10
B-2 Spirit GR-1 Tornado EA-6B
F-117 Stealth P-3 Orion F-18
KC-135 Tanker Bell OH-58 C-45
C-17 Globemaster Homebuilts T-6
P-3 Orion Sub Chaser Antique Aircraft T-34
  ...and more ...and more
The Blue Angels return along with the Red Barons and several new performers who have not been to the St Louis County Fair & AirShow before. Volunteers are needed to work at the MPA Booth near the Static Ramp (call Bob Crandell at 314-382-3923), and on the Hot and Static Ramps (call Richard Baricko at 636-405-0142).

September 6th

Meeting at the Greenbriar. Donald Dunn, an Air Carrier Operations Inspector with the FAA, will tell us about an unusual Air Carrier - The Flying Hospital. It is the largest fully-equipped, self-contained hospital ever built inside a jet aircraft. Representing an innovative combination of international aviation experience and medical technology, The Flying Hospital is a wide-body, three-engine Lockheed L-1011-50 which features: a three station surgical suite; a 12 bed pre/post-operative area; an ENT (ear, nose, throat)/dental suite; a pharmacy, and a classroom seating section for 67 medical professionals. The aircraft is also equipped with oxygen generation and water purification systems, satellite communications and an upgraded avionics suite.

Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Flying Hospital, Inc., a non-profit charitable and humanitarian organization, provides free medical and surgical care in developing countries. Since its launch in 1996, Flying Hospital medical volunteers have treated nearly 72,000 people.

The Flying Hospital has successfully conducted trips to El Salvador, Panama, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, India, Russia, and partnered with Operation Smile International to conduct an 18-country global mission, and recently returned from Mexico.

Reservations required. Call Ron Hyken at 636-530-7651 before Monday, September 4th.

September 23rd

September Fly-Out will be on Sunday, September 23rd to St Louis Downtown Parks (CPS). The Gateway Eagles of Missouri will be hosting their Seventh Annual Fly-In. The setup and operations will be at the main terminal building, "Midcoast Aviation". The Gateway Eagles cordially invite the members and families of the Missouri Pilots Association to join them.
The highlight and purpose of the annual fly-ins is to expose youth to aviation. The Gateway Eagles typically give about 100 airplane rides to youth between the ages of 11 and 17 using the EAA's Young Eagles Program guidelines. There are static displays and other aviation related exhibits. The day will begin with a pilot briefing at 8:30 AM and a youth briefing at 9:00 AM. Free lunch is provided for the 100 youth and food will be available at a nominal cost for all attending guests. If you plan to fly-in call Jaime Dant at 314-352-3983. If you are driving simply show up, enjoy the activities and lunch.

Spirit Airport Support Group
Chris Erkmann, St. Louis Chapter MPA, is the volunteer representative of the Spirit of St. Louis Airport for the AOPA Airport Support Network. As such, he is 'testing the waters' to verify the level of interest there might be if a Spirit Airport Support Group were to be formed. To date, over one-hundred people have stepped forward. If you support the goals of the Spirit of St. Louis Airport, if your job, business, or recreation are all positively impacted by the continued success of Spirit, and you would like to be kept informed of all efforts to develop a Spirit Airport Support Group, please submit the following information to:
Chris Erkmann, 1500 Timberbluff Ct., Chesterfield MO 63017
or e-mail to