Labor Day Weekend: The theme of this year's AirShow is "Salute to Veterans". There will be a lot of Warbirds from WWII up to the present day (F4U, TBM, B-17, B-25, P-47, P-51, AH-1, UH-1H, OV-1B, CV-2, OV-1B, F86, C-9, C-21, C54, C-130, C-121, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, A/F-18E/F, EA-6B, A-10, AV-8B, B1-B, P-3, GR-1, etc. Fifteen Man Navy Seals Leapfrog Parachute Team, USAF Ten Man Special Ops Group Team. A lot of Pyro. Volunteers are needed to work on the Hot and Static Ramps. See for a listing of open slots where help is needed or Call Richard Baricko at 636-458-4576. Jaime Dant will be organizing the MPA booth at the static ramp this year. Call or email Jaime or Tammy at (314) 352-3983 or to volunteer. More information about the St Louis County Fair and AirShow is available at their website. Click one of the logos above to go there.

September 5th
Missouri Pilots FBI Connection

One of our MPA members, Mike Ramirez, has spent 25 years as an FBI agent. During that time he spent many years undercover and lived to talk about it. He will speak about his "Sting Operation" in Denver, Colorado as well as the many drug deals in Miami, Florida. He also has an exciting story about an experience with a Russian KGB agent. Updated information on illegal drugs being used and sold will also be presented. Mike is the past president of the Ozark Chapter of MPA and has been making the rounds among our various chapters. Those who have heard his presentation have highly recommended Mike Ramirez as a guest speaker.

Location: Greenbriar on Big Bend just west of I-270. Social at 6PM, Dinner at 7PM. Reservations are required. Please call Gary Johnson at 314-965-1789 by noon September 3rd.

September 10th
Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association

Have you ever had a question about flight instruction but were afraid to ask? Well here is your chance. Our next meeting will have a panel of three flight instructors and a moderator to help answer your questions. The questions may be on the Federal Aviation Regulations, instruction techniques or any facet of flight instruction that is unclear or confusing to you. You can anonymously submit questions by writing out your question(s) and drop it into a box at the meeting. We will seek clarification from the FAA on any questions that we cannot satisfactorily answer at the meeting and will pass this information on to the membership. Even if you do not have any questions, we hope you will attend as this is an open forum meeting and we would like your input. Please bring your FAA Regs, AIM or any other instruction publication that you would like to use at this open forum. The meeting will be held Monday, September 10th at 7 PM at the Automated Flight Service Station at Spirit of St. Louis Airport. The FSS building is on the East side of the main terminal. Enter through the main entrance on the street side of the building.

September 11th

September 15th
(CANCELED due to 9-11)
Gateway Eagles Eighth Annual Fly-In at Parks (CPS).

Gateway Eagles Logo Last year a number of our members had a great time at the Gateway Eagles Fly-In. William Duke, President of the Gateway Eagles, appreciated the support we gave his group and personally invites us to come back again. Families & Friends are most welcome to fly-in or drive-in anytime after 0900. There will be food and drinks with the "highlight" of providing 100 airplane rides for pre-registered youth between the ages of 11 and 17 before 1500. It will also an opportunity to recruit some solid new members for our chapter.

September 22nd
Fly-Out: MPA State Poker Run

Starts at Grand Glaze (K15) with all aircraft in route between 0900 and 1100. Fly to Vichy (VIH), West Plains (UNO), Lebannon (LBO) and back to Grand Glaze. Pick up one card at each airport. Lunch will be served at Stony Point Farms compliments of Bill & Mary Marx with transportation from Gland Glaze provided by South Central Chapter. $20 per aircraft with cash prizes. Option to stay overnight at the Comfort Inn in Osage Beach Saturday night. Please let Ron Wade know if you will join the group for a great day: 816-233-4525 or waderj

September 22nd
(Postponed - maybe in November)
Gateway Air Rally

The Greater St Louis 99s invite you to join their 2nd Annual Gateway Air Rally at Washington Airport (MO6). It's a Cross-Country Air Race for Guys & Gals. $5 entrance fee with cash prizes. Check their website for addition details. Click Here to visit their website.