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Patty's Wing Wave

Patty forward to MPA meeting.Our September 1st meeting will be a casual get together with Patty Wagstaff, a member of the Missouri Pilots Association. There will be a little bit of hanger talk with plenty of time for Q&A's. Joining Patty will be Suzanne Dodson, the lucky pilot who gets to fly Patty's Extra 300 from Airshow to Airshow. Patty is flying down from Canada in her Baron while Suzanne brings the Extra 300 to Spirit Airport. Dale Snodgrass, who was scheduled to fly his F-86 will also join us. He won't be flying his F-86 on Labor Day Weekend because a friend recently broke it (Is he still your friend, Dale?). We'll be seeing him fly his T-6 with it's spiffy new paint job.

We will have copies of Patty's book
Fire & Air available for you to buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend. Patty will gladly autograph the book for you. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to our chapter so it is a great way to help out our chapter's treasury.

Also joining us will be MAJ John York (demo pilot) and MSGT Peggy Frazee (NCOIC) of the F-15 Demo Team. John was recently promoted to Major so please congratulate him. This will be Peggy's last year with us as she moves on and leaves the Demo Team. We wish her the best on her next assignment and appreciate the number of times she has worked at our AirShow. If I may quote Peggy: "Your show will be my last airshow before I turn it over to my new guy. I'm just happy my last show is Chesterfield...What a way to end my Demo stint!!" We trust Patty won't mind if you have a question or two for John or Peggy.

Won't you join us at the Greenbriar Country Club? Salad, Gourmet Entree, Desert, Tea, Coffee for only $15 (cash bar). Reservations are
required and must be made by the morning of August 30th. Either call Ron at 519-9721 or better yet, make your reservation on line now.

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The St. Louis Chapter of the MPA would like to help the less fortunate in our area as an on-going project. Americans are hungry and homeless all year long, not just at Christmas. Please bring canned good or personal items to the meeting to be donated to the Sister of Charity Food Pantry in Normandy. A collection box will be on the registration table for the items.

St Louis Fair & AirShow logo

Having met Patty, John & Peggy in person you will want to see them in action at the Spirit Airport over the Labor Day Weekend. Our own St Louis Parachute Club will kick off the Airshow and you'll also get a chance to see Terry Klingele of Belleville IL fly his MiG-17. For more information about Terry visit his web site. At the bottom of this page you will find links for Patty, John, Peggy, Terry, etc. just below our "May Day" (which takes you back to "Destinations 99").

Who else is coming?

Northern Lights 4 ship

The Northern Lights make their first appearance at Spirit. Only flying since 1995 as a five pilot team (can't say five man team since Michele Thonney from Switzerland flies plane number 3), the members have over 18,000 hours of flight time. Several of the pilots are former members of the Snowbirds so you know what you are in for! If you want to visit their web site for more information you'll find the link below.

BLAF MicroJet
Bill "Burner" Beadsley will be flying the MicroJet for the Bud Light Air Force. The MicroJet is an annual favorite at the AirShow at Spirit

F-15 Patch

Our friends from Eglin Air Force Base will be back by popular demand to show us what the Eagle that our St Louis folks built can do.

Gerry Molidor will be flying his Sukhoi 26. We'll also get the chance to see some military aircraft in the air that we may not have seen before such as the P-3 Orion, an A-10 Warthog, two A-4's as well as ones we have seen such as T-45, F-18, and Jackie Jackson with his AV-8B. The Static Ramp will be loaded this year with all your military favorites plus an Ozark DC-3, TWA Connie, C-54 Spirit of Freedom (Berlin Airlift aircraft), PV-2 Harpoon, B-17 Flying Fortress, a FedEx 727, etc, etc.

If you think you hear a familiar voice coming from the announcer's stand you are right. Mike Young will be up there this year helping out.

Don't forget to stop by and see Bob at the MPA booth near the Static Ramp -- better yet sign up to help Bob! The MPA will also be driving two vans up and down the taxiways. We could still use a couple of more pilots to help out. To volunteer to help Bob or drive a van send us an e-mail.

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September 18th

Fly-out to Rantoul, IL to visit the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum. Rain date would be September 19th. Call Richard at 636 405-0142 to sign up. If sign ups are light we may postpone this fly-out til a later date. Check out their web site:
Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum.

"May Day"
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