The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is proposing new rules to regulate Aviation gasoline to eliminate lead emissions.

The proposal as written would basically ground General Aviation aircraft using internal combustion engines requiring Avgas.

There is a public comment period available.

The Coalition for Sustainable Aviation (CSA) has published their comments to EPA and can be read using the link provided in the website:


CSA comments cover their belief that the EPA lacks the authority to implement the proposed rules, as well as criticizing the statistical study that EPA is using to justify implementation of the rules based on elevated blood lead levels (BLL) in individuals living within 500 meters of an airport.  They also offer a solution to the concerns that does not require the use of unleaded Avgas or extensive engine modifications.


The CAS comments are long but well worth the time to read and determine whether you wish to add your comments to the EPA.


Tom Auerbach

Ponca City Aviation Boooster Club

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