David and Marcia Mason hosted the Annual Flying M Ranch Fly-In/Campout in Reklaw Texas the last full weekend in October for the past 38 years.

Please consider helping Marcia in her time of need.


Marcia Mason cover expenses passing of Dave Mason



JESSE WALLER is organizing this fundraiser.

  • Hi, my name is Jesse Waller. As a lot of you may have heard of Mr. Dave Mason’s passing a few days ago. I am reaching out to as many of you who can help out with a little support sent towards Marcia Mason. I know a lot of us fellow aviators have appreciated at least a time or two or ten the Wonderful Atmosphere and Experience that Mr. Dave and Marcia has hosted once a year for the last 38 years on their property for our enjoyment and entertainment we all call REKLAW. Unfortunately, that wonderful gift that they have gifted us doesn’t come cheap. They have been putting it on at their own expense for a very long time. Don’t get me wrong the registration does help offset a portion of the cost, But not entirely. The lack of attendees that have registered every year has fell off over the last several years compared to how many have shown up. Add on top of that, the poor attendance at the catered dinners where they have to absorb a huge cost for that. Plus, countless other cost associated with the event that you don’t even think of. you can easily see that they lose a significant amount of money every year just to keep the tradition alive for US to enjoy. Year after year they have done that for our enjoyment, We do not know what the future holds for us or them. The one thing I am for sure is, some LOVE, PRAYER, and a little Financial support to help with all the bills coming in right now, IS what the family needs right now to get through this troubling time and heart ache that they are experiencing right now. So, with Marcia Blessing I am setting up this go fund me to help them. Those that can please do. They really do need it in this time of need. I know the magnificent experience they have let me enjoy on their wonderful property brought joy and happiness to my heart immensely. I am sure most of you feel the same way. I know it was the highlight of my year every year to come stay a week or two up there and experience the thrill of aviation at its purest form and non-commercialized. At the very least, if half of the people who enjoyed the time spent there as much as I have, would offer up an amount at least equivalent to the cost of a mc Donalds meal. I’m Pretty sure we could make a very real dent in the expenses incurred thus far. I honestly think that is a meaningful way we could let them know how much it really meant to all of us. Thank you in advance and hoping to be seeing everyone again in the future.


Please pass this on to others who may have enjoyed the Fly-In and are willing to help.


Tom Auerbach

Ponca City Aviation Boooster Club

Newsletter Editor


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