I need some help.


I am in the midst of a major overhaul on the Continental O-200A engine for my Cessna 150.

I took the engine over to America’s Aircraft Engines in Collinsville OK for a major overhaul.

They quoted a possible completion time of 4-5 Months.

Just received notice that my crankshaft did not make due to main bearing journals worn more than 0.020” undersize.

So far, they have been unable to locate a crankshaft. They suggested that I check any contacts that I have, that they might not have contacted.


I am reaching out to all my contacts to see if any have any leads to a usable crankshaft.

The Continental parts manual lists the crankshaft part number as 530182 and in addition to the O-200A engine it is also used on the model C90 engine.

I have Googled myself blue in the face and have been unable to come up with one – no one seems to have any.

(Got a reply from a Barnstormers advertiser in Canada and he said he had 12 emails looking for one.)


If by happenchance you know of or hear of any leads, could you pass on the information to America’s Aircraft Engines?

America’s Aircraft Engines

2505 W Broadway St

Collinsville, OK 74021

918 371-3000 or 888-371-1371


President: Steve Fowler – sfowler@overhaul.com

Parts Manager: Rebecca Bell – becca@overhaul.com


Please also reach out to your mechanic, AI, technical counselor, aircraft maintenance shop, etc. to expand the search.

I would appreciate a copy of your contact, but I believe the overhaul shop would be a better judge than me on whether the lead is worth pursuing.


PS, you may receive this request more than once since I have multiple email distribution lists that overlap.



Tom Auerbach

2329 Oxford Drive

Ponca City OK 74604

Cell: 580-761-3215

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